Friday, May 30, 2008


i can't sleep.
everything i think about is you.
i m.i.s.s you.
miss you making me angry. =)
there was a moment when u were talking to me softly and asked me what i wanna eat besides sundae chocolate and the way u look and talk to me was as if i am a little girl and u made me feel so in love especially when u were so close to me.we were in the car.
i'm missing that moment.
i wonder if u know when was it?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

sick=happy or sad

talking about sick..
i've always tell him that i won't easily fall sick and that my body is strong enough to fight with those ridiculous is that.
well, i hate to take all those vitamins or protein powder or whatever it is to keep myself healthy.
man.everyday u have to take and night.i'm lazy in this kind of thing.u have to put it in as apart of your daily routine.
unlike sweets or chocolates.i'll eat them even if u don't ask me to.i'm a sweet addict.i mean gula-gula.candy.

anyway talk back about sick.
when i'm sick, my mum again will nag me for not taking vitamin,sleep so late,always face the computer..she actually don't realise that i seldom online already.haha.
well yeah.i'm sick.i mean i was sick.u know when?on the 1st day of my holidays.=_=''
not exactly on the 1st day..going to be night time already also.half of the 1st day la i mean.
i was watching tv the whole watch my favourite and csi.i just simply love house.i love dr.gregory house.hugh laurie.i feel he is funny though he is trying to be arrogant.
don't know why.just like patrick dempsey from grey's some kind of attraction.haha.perhaps doctors are meant to be sexy or attractive?

his smoky eyes can kill people!!!so mesmerising.. ;)


move on to my sickness..well i was feeling very dizzy already when i was downloading songs of david archuleta and david cook(i love DAVID.A!!), since then i knew there is something wrong with me.then i quickly took the panadol and plan to take a nap.but it was too noisy.can't sleep.cos my toilets' needed to be parents wanna change the many years already now only wanna change.

okok.then at that night i have to sleep with my mum.that time i was feeling cold already.
but my mum needs the aircond or else she can't ok fine.i was wearing my new jacket and sleep in coldness.can't sleep well also!!! :(
the next day in the evening i really cannot stand it already.have to see doctor!!!i hate to sick doctor(if they have the look like patrick dempsey then it is ok with me ^^)
the dr.lim was nice though.talked alot to me about form 6 stuff and even wish me good luck in my stpm :)
anyway i have to eat medicine which i hate the most.and he even said my body is weak!!!!
that proves that i'm wrong all these while.thought my immune system is strong enough.haha.
really hate to fever...worst of stomach got angin..makes me feel like stomach is bloated with angin..not food!!!cj asked me to fart more..haha!!come u wanna force yourself to fart??that makes me have sleepless nights!!!!turning into a vampire with pale face and blacker panda eyes....

my medicine.hate it!!

the worst worst worst of all...i can't go to the ipoh trip!!!!i wanna go shop shop shop!!!
but luckily i manage to ask kher li to help me buy that Maggie T bag or else i'll be more regret and feel even badder.
actually i feel glad that i didn't go to the ipoh trip..cos i've had diarrhoea..i've counted..i've laosai-ed for 6 times!!!!
and......i've to miss my microeconimic class for 2 days...that was really bad..he had finish teaching 1 chapter which is quite alot to catch up with..sighh...obviously all these are the disadvantages of falling sick....

the best part of falling sick is that.....
i don't need to do any housework!!!! *winks*
because i was lying on my bed..for almost the whole day in 2 days.. mum is like so caring..its like every 1 hour or less than that, she'll came in to my room and touch my forehead and reminds me to eat my medicine and ask how i sick is to being pampered =)
u don't need to do anything..don't need to worry about your food..someone in your family will go out and buy food for you..u wanna watch which tv show,they'll let u watch..u're the boss when u're sick!especially when u're really really sick.^^
haha.not forgetting u'll be thinner and lose some weight after you're sick..
i think my face become thinner already.which i hate the most!! :(
eat porridge, koay teow & bihun soup for 3 days!that also i don't have appetite!!

BUT of course i'll choose not to sick if i could..
it is so suffering.u're strengthless when u're sick and your heartbeat will be even faster.
i don't like it..
anyway i'm glad that i'm ok now.
superglad! =)
i can't imagine those who have gone through ill diseases for like..years??
how can they stand it?