Sunday, May 30, 2010

the story of my donald duck smile ^^

i tend to smile like a donald duck and i always smile that way whenever i take picture.
it has been a habit.when i look at the camera i would automatic smile widely without showing off my teeth..its AUTOMATIC k?LOL.
the reason is simply because i have crooked teeth and a pair of very obvious tiger tooth!

purposely show my ugly gigiiii..this pict very gigiishhh

everytime when i spotted people with a great smile showing their perfect gigi, heyy..i'm jealous k..LOL..and i am very regret that i gave up wearing braces when i was in secondary school (i'm afraid of the painess that i have to bear with!)

trying to cover my mouth..dont want show my gigiii!!

.....and i'm bored of the way i smile now!!!all my friends always ask me to show off my gigi when i smile but confidence level will reduce from 99 to 1% lehh.. :/ i know this is silly. :/
i know perfect gigi don't mean anything but everyone's perception is different.

..and i know people would say confidence, inner personality (i dont have inner beauty!) and smart is the beauty that people truly admire but i just want to have nicer gigi.hahahah.

so...........i decided to wear braces!!
hopefully i won't back out again since many friends told me that it wouldn't be pain.
wait til i confirm wearing braces then i would show u the ugly betty bee's version!!!! :p

seeeee...all my smiles are the same!!!!!!so donald duck!!and sien!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

this is what i'm good at.....
doing =___= face!
that is why my =_= is so long =_________________________=
i know.i'm lame... =_______________________=

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hatred within me!

I'm going through a shitty student's life now..
Compared to the last semester, I would say I am busier this semester.
Its suffocating...assignment assignment and assignment... =______________=
Before mid-sem gotta do assignment, after mid-sem gotta do assignment again..and after this assignment, then this shitty assignment....and this time I am really clueless about this marketing assignment...I AM PITBULL's consultant now...I gotta talk about PITBULL again in my shitty assignment...

I know I am such a pathetic girl!!!!!!
But I seriously hate it....and I just need to express this hatred in me!!!!!GRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SCREW HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...and study....
tak mau study!!! :p
.....and yeahhh I would like to introduce my KaySen papa here...a great dad... :p
Recently he is so so into gayishhh style.....
Anyone who is interested in him may contact me ok?
I think he prefer someone who is smart looking.

..taking a sasa plastic bag..

..wearing a so-called earing.. :P