Monday, August 31, 2009

.....another week has gone ^^

1 week of free tuition week just passed like that..meaninglessly..LOL.
I'm going to pg soon in a few hours time.very reluctantly wanna leave my home. =(
At last I've done my BIS assignment.yay!! *clap hand*
But there are more assignments awaiting me.
Seems like I have to welcome assignments to my life.jemput masuk ya! =)

....and oh yeah...
I have midsem test.
The first one would be economy which is on 3rd of Sept, BIS on 9th followed by Accounting on 12th and MALAYSIAN STUDIES on 14th...
How lovely right?
So gonna love it!How much I love it!
TEST OH TEST~~~ Welcome to my life again!

Wish me luck people!Do pray for me! =)
Good night!! =)

*P.S. : so fake so fake..i know..i extremely LOVE test and exam!*
*P.S1. : oh yeahh...Happy National Day!!can't feel the merdeka spirit in me at all.i'm sure some of u even forgot how to sing the merdeka song.u know who u are.LOL.*

Monday, August 24, 2009

my politic party ^^

Last Monday during the Malaysian Studies class, we were required to draw a logo of our own politic party and colour it and we have to describe what each colour and logo means.
This task is our class assignment!
So lame~~
When i get the questions, i started to laugh.HAHA.

................and this is what i draw.... party name if FUYOH.digi inspiration~~~
haha..what a name right? :p
Y=yes malaysia boleh! :p
O=.....shit.i forgot!
H=.............shit.....can't remember what i wrote.haha.

i showed it to a few of my friends and they said the green little human looks like ninja turtle!wth....... =_=''''
i know i art is sucks!
and this is a small kid masterpiece of art........

Friday, August 21, 2009

27th Jul-20th Aug ~


At last I'm back in here. ;)
Well..i've gone through weeks of frustations, miserable, happy, busy,....its all mixed up!
The first day when I was in college was damn miserable~
I don't know anyone there..deep in me, I started to blame my family for forcing and wanting me to study in penang but I'm guilty for thinking in this way.they just doing it for the sake of me... ^^
The first person I spoke to in college is Zi-QIan but we call her as Sasha.hehe.
SHe is a real sweetie! =))
my room~

And I've got a good and funny roommie!
Her name is Kar Yee.hehe.she is such a sweetie too!
I'm So SO glad!haha.

i need to use this road everyday to go college

This semester I'm taking Accounting, Economy, Management, Business Info System and MALAYSIAN STUDIES!
Among this subjects, I like management lecturer the most, Mr.Beh.
He has those ohm to teach and I don't feel sleepy in his class.
I like economy when I was in form 6 but now I don't like it.maybe I don't like his way of teaching though he is quite funny and try to make his class alive.
Accounting is quite nice and for BIS, I think the lecturer is good and damn funny but I'm sorry, this subject is too boring..I can't help but to fall asleep in his for malaysian studies...aish....speechlesss =_=''''

....and hey.
1 hour of class equals to RM54.means for every 1 hour class that we attend, we are actually spending RM54.LOL.some of my coursemates counted this!HAHA.
Thinking of this amount makes me awake in class. XD coursemates all are nice and friendly and FUNNY! =))

One thing I don't like and pissed off is I can't online in my hostel!
Damn frust!!!
The connection is so so CACAT!
I'm getting a broadband but which to buy?!
Celcom or Digi????

Oh yeahh...after a week of hell for doing 1 of my assignment, phewww...what a relief~!
U'll get that kind of satisfactions when u are done typing it.haha.
But there are 3 more assignments for me!GOSHHH! :(
Well..all in all.I think I'm quite used to it to my life in Penang.
There are more exciting life and challenges for me to explore and go through!
Hopefully everything goes well and wish me luck people!
ANyway its a 1 week of break for me.gonna use it wisely!
I appreciate my time in's really a lovely hometown of mine~!