Sunday, September 21, 2008

Secondhand Serenade

Recently i'm in love with a singer.
I discovered him a few weeks ago before my trial starts.
His actual name is John Vesely but he adopts the name Secondhand Serenade.
At first when i browse through the top 40 list of songs from, then i saw this name with the song Fall For You.
I was like wow..the name sounds special..
I decided to download that song and listen to it.damn!
I love it.i download all his songs.i mean all.i like all of them.i like the song lyrics too.
Among his songs that i like are Take Me With You, Stranger, Why, Maybe, Broken, Awake, It's Not Over and of cause not forgetting Fall For You. =)
I wanted to buy his album but i almost broke.spend a lot lately.sigh.
Anyway try to listen to his songs, i'm sure u'll like it.

Secondhand Serenade

a moment of truth

even if u smile or laugh the whole day, it doens't mean u are happy.
does anyone agree with me?
two of my friends tell me the same thing today.yeah.i'm one of them too.not all the time but sometimes. =)
no one can stop u from smiling but u yourself are the one who stop yourself from smiling.
u can pretend to be happy when u're around with friends but your real feeling is shown when u're alone in your room or when u're about to sleep.all sorts of thing will pop in your mind.
some of u might even cry.some of u wanna cry but couldn't cry.some of u might even feel like shouting.

i think i am happy but in fact i am not that happy.
there is something missing in my changed my life.i don't know if i'm on the right track.
can i return to my normal track of life?
i'm escaping from the truth.i'm hiding from the fact.
this is not what i want.
i miss it.looking back at all the pictures.reeled back to the past.feel there is something stabbing into my could i?

i lose myself in all these fights.i lose my sense of wrong and right.i cry and cry.
i'm shaking from the pain that's in my head.i just want to crawl into my bed and throw away the life that i led.
but it's over.why is it over?we had the chance to make it but now it's over.i can't be over...
i wish that i could take it back...
i'm falling apart..
we could be forever if i could turn back time and correct my mistake..

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lantern Festival

Every year i am very keen to go out on lantern festival day where all the people ( i mean in taiping) would go to Lake Gardens to light up the place with candles and lanterns and even fireworks.
All the children and youngsters especially would go there to play lanterns and candles or merely just to enjoy the atmosphere and now even got youngsters doing breakdance there.someone claimed that they are pai kia (bad boys).HAHA.

This year i get to go there with my most beloved darling.
I should be studying at home but i don't want to miss this good chance u know?i want to treasure every moment with him.don't wanna miss any chance if i can. =)
And yeah..i even went there fot twice.hehe.
It was because i did not get to play candles the first time i go there.hehe.
The both of us just walking around enjoying seeing the lanterns all.lake garden was packed with people!A lot of hot lala chicks there and quite a lot of leng chai also.hehe.

cj & me

Anyway on the 2nd night, we managed to play candles.hehe.i know it sounds childish but i don't mind because i'm doing things that would make me happy and that he is willing to play with me.hehe.i gotta admit sometimes he is so cute with the way he talks or act until i wanna pinch him on the face! =D

nice right? =)

our creation..LOVE LOVE LOVE =p

.my love is glowing.

at last i can be seen!!

i feel so young.hehe

take 1
take 2.aaarrr!!orang gila!!

it represents cj & chiew bee *winks*

young girl & old man.HAHA

smile =)

lots of manusia right?

I really enjoyed my lantern festival celebration this year though i have a little bit of uneasy feeling and guilt in me because i didn't study for my macroeconomy exam but it is worth it!No regrets at all!
Simply because i spend my time with him. =)
No matter what happen in the future, the memories of the both of us will always be cherised in my heart and that i would think of it from time to time.
I hope u'll do the same too! =)

the end of my PERCUBAAN!

yippie hurray!!
at last my exam is over~~
actually it is not over yet, i have another bm paper but just forget it.i don't care!
i think i've done badly in my exam this time especially my mathematics paper 1.
i don't know how to do at all and i don't even bother to think of the solutions.
i just give up when i say this in my heart.. 'aiya, so hard.sure fail d la.don't know how to do need try d la.'
i'm not sad about it.i wish that i could take it back.but it's over..
there is nothing much i could do but to try and never give up until my stpm is over, right?
i don't think i have any option. ~_*

anyway i realised something.
when u're over-stressed or have nervous breakdown, u can't study anything.
seriously nothing can enter to your mind no matter how much u've read.
when i was studying for my prinsip perniagaan paper 1, i was panic and i don't know wanna read which topic because there are alot of things which i haven't revise yet..
that was the worse night ever!!
anyway i really wanna start doing my revision already.
no more last minute study as i know i'm not even prepared to sit for my trial when i do all the questions.
my mum worried me alot these days.she scared that i would be too stress.i know that she really want me to get a good result.i can feel her love and support!
i hope that i wouldn't let u down mummy!!