Saturday, October 31, 2009

breaking freeEee~~

I'm feeling happy now! =))
Thanks for breaking my confusion, dilemma and the emotional feelings in me!
I never feel that tense anymore and become my normal-self again.
I'm happy!
Immediately on my light and my lappie to post this!
Hueywen, lyo and JJ..I'm doing fine worries!
Sorry that I've make u guys worried and feels that something is wrong is me.
Now I'm really ok and yesss..happy!!!
Become friends are the best out of the best now.
We can communicate better and can joke with each other without thinking what we said might hurt each other and we are really really being ourself before all this happened.
Thanks and sorry for everything!!!!
I do have a clear mind now! =))

I shall remain to become a freeeebEeeee~~~
My perception and concept shall remain til an appropriate time ...YESHH!

Kawan sekalian.......
I really miss u all!
Can't wait for holidays!!!
.....and now I have the OHM to study!!!

Yeahh I'm breaking freeeee~~~

Friday, October 9, 2009

a sigh of relief~ phewwww~~

I've done my management assignment!Another burden has been washed off my shoulder! ;)
After days of sleepless nights continuously....
I was so happy when I combined my idea and sinyong's ideas last night for the assignment and the both of us laugh non-stop in MSN after we've done our part..its like so happy!!!
Weeee~~ thanks to Sasha and SInyong for the group assignment. =))
NOw I left economy and BIS assignment..2 more to go and then FINAL and then SEM BREAK which means HOLIBEEEE aka HOLIDAEEE!!!
No more delaying or last minute study this time.hopefully. =)

after packing my bag ^^
Anyway I'm on the way going back to Taiping now.
Hehehehe...I'm onlining in the bus right lehhh.. :p
I'm very very happy!Smiling all the way though I'm extremely tired. =) =) =)

Seeee...i'm really in the bus using webcam!! :p

Enjoy your day people! ;)

Ps : Sorry for all the ignorance guys..sorry for the non and slow reply messages in phone in msn in facebook..I was really busy busy and busy like a beeeee.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Today, Convent's song is running through my head the whole day.
I'm missing my school.the best school ever in Taiping!! =)
Now, after I enter college, I felt that the memories left behind during primary and secondary school were was amazing.
The Convent cultures were to be passed down to the juniors..generations after generations...
But I think, the Convent now no longer the Convent that I used to know..all the cultures, the students....has totally changed..what a waste~

Convent =))

Here is my lovely school song :

Simple in virtue, strong in duty
Their motto goes this way
Play well, work well
To task never ever delay

Convent is my pride
Her teachings I abide
Her guiding light will shine forever
Through my mind


Convent is my pride
Her teachings I abide
Her guiding light will shine forever
Through my mind......

Awww.........its so nice!!

I miss CONVENT!!!