Monday, October 8, 2012


22 years.
And now I finally know what does it feels like to step onto a reality life. 
Before this, all I do was enjoying my life without thinking much about this.
I do not have to worry about anything (yes..that time I worried this and that...but compared to now, what I worried about last time is..NOTHING..)

And me...
I always can't make up my own mind.
I don't know what myself want...
I am so useless. sigh..

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm Not You

I just want to be happy.

Is that too much to ask for?
I miss the old you, Chiew Bee.
Where are the cheerful you?
Please come back...

Monday, June 18, 2012

Gratitude is officially 1 year since I last updated my blog!
Every now and then, I would still visit my own blog but I don't feel like updating it.
And now...I changed the layout again..everything is new and simple! final semester has come to an end but I am not excited about it.
Because it's time for me to JOB HUNTING! sobssss..
Can I don't work? Speaking of job hunting...I don't even know where to start from..
I don't even know what job I cacat! How?!
Shoooo...~ don't want to think about it first!

Anyway my main reason for being here is to express my gratitude..ahem..

Thanks to my family for supporting me always.for giving me encouragement and keep telling me "U won't fail u won't ma retake big deal...don't 'xiang bu kai'..." LOL! My mum and sis scare I will go suicide if I ever fail.HAHA
Yeahh I am the youngest in my family, so....I know they adore me a lot...thanks to them.

Whatever I want, they will try to fulfill it if it's not over their budget.
Without them, I wouldn't be here now.
They may not be the richest or highly educated but all I need is their moral support and love.
Last time I used to be sad that they don't allow me to study at KL, but now...I am thankful instead of sad.

Thanks to Sim Kay Sen for being my best friend, boyfriend, driver, listener, 'punch bag', etc throughout these 3 years. It is not easy to be him, to have a girlfriend like me.
The first person who helped me in college is him..when I accidentally start my online test at home. hahaha.
I cried and worried like hell.
Thanks to u for taking care of me all these while. I am really grateful to have u by my side.
I know I can't thank you enough.

Looking back at those 3 years, I wouldn't be able to come this far if it's not u. *hugs*

Thanks darling

Thanks to all my coursemates for all the times we've been through.
I believed we went through thick and thin and enjoyed every bit of it.
Sorry if I have offended any of u throughout these 3 years.

Thanks for being my coursemates and friends at the same time.
I really do hope our friendship wouldn't stop here and guess what...
I miss all of u already!

Thanks to my Taiping friends as well..
You know who you are..I am really thankful to have all of u!
Sorry if I have bothered or annoyed u all.
I don't mean it. Thanks for being there for me when I needed u all the most!

I am really thankful for all that I have today.
Thanks to all of u!
My life and journey begins from now.

Good luck to all of u out there who are graduating this semester! *winks*

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A not-so-cute Panda!

It is the 1st day of June today.
Many people seem to like it.
I don't know why..
As for me, I prefer to skip through this month and jump to July straighaway if God is willing to give me a chance to do so! :/
Because I have my final exams in 6 days time!

I don't think I am!
So here I am..decided to take a short break.
Seriously it is suffocating and tiring and sickening and the worse is, I don't have the mood to study!HELLO..I have less than 1 week time and I am still slacking around...argghhhhh!
And I can't sleep well!
That cause me to have dark circle and eye bag!
I know I already have it but now it is even worse! :/
Anyone wants to buy me some eye cream and eye mask? :/

Anyway I went to have a hair cut last Sunday.
Because my hair is really shitty already.
It is damn dry and the colour is like don't know what kind of shit colour. :/
Just cut it shorter and I plan to dye my hair....AGAIN...after my exam. :/
Look kinda old in this hair!
But nevermind, it will still grow and it is good to see my hair shorter now and my hair doesn't fall that much when I blow dry it!

And.......there is one thing similar between me and my niece..hahahahha.

Can u spot what is the similarity between me and her in both the pictures?HAHA!

That is......................................

The way we sit!Our legs are wide open!LOL!!!!!My friends always scold me for that!hahaha..but I already get used to it! :/


Good luck to all my dear coursemates and friends in the coming exam!Let's start our battle and prepare our shooting gun!!!


Sunday, May 8, 2011


Who will u turn to when u are upset or sad?
Who can u trust in your life when u don't seem to trust anyone around u?
When u have no one to talk to, what would u do?

Even when u have someone to talk to, u don't exactly know how to start the conversation or how to put it in words or proper sentences to tell that someone how u feel.

Even when u have tell them about your problem, they won't exactly know or understand the situation because that is how u feel, not how they feel.

....and what happens even if they know what is happening?

Does it helps to reduce your burden and worries?
Does it helps to stop u from being emo again?

I think I have just turned into an emo queen again.


Good thing there is my niece to cheer me up at least.
Their innocence and sillyness just make me laugh.

They are growing up real fast..and it means that I am getting older..
It is a bliss to see them growing up..they are growing taller..their knowledge is wider and beyond your expectations..
I hope they will still be as close to me as now when they are already a teenager or adult next time.♥

Have a great week ahead people! ;)

Saturday, April 30, 2011





Why do u want to torture me in this way?!!!!




Sunday, April 24, 2011

Michael Learns to Rock ♥

MICHAEL LEARNS TO ROCK's concert was awesome!!!

OMG!I love them so much especially the lead singer!
When he sings those songs, gosh....
My heart melts man!
How I wish the concert would end later because they are too awesome already! :(

I've been hearing their songs since I was very young.
Perhaps around 6 or 7 years old.
Cause my parents bought their karaoke VCDs and I used to sing it alone or with my sister.
Since then, I knew of their existence!HAHA!

Jascha, the lead singer is kinda funny.
He made some funny lame jokes.LOL!
He said Michael never really learns how to rock, that is why he will be singing a slower song.LOL!

When I first tell my mum that I want to go for their concert, she was like...
"U are paying money to hear old man singing" in a joking way.LOL!
But they are not old, they are cool and AWESOME!!!!!!

Me and fatty screamed like mad people!And I sing until no voice.LOL!

How I wish I could hug him when he came down from the stage!At least to take a picture with him or them! :/

I miss them!!
If they are coming next year, I will absolutely go to their concert again and that time, I would buy a VVIP seat!!!LOL!!