Monday, February 28, 2011


Today is the end of February.
But it is the starting of my new semester.
Not a good date to start a new semester I think.
I don't like it! =/
I hate my college now!
It is like a night market nowadays.
The college is so crowded with people and the place to sit at all..
And so not enough car park! =______=
Why my parents insisted to ask me to study here last time?Sigh.....

And I am now living in a new place.

No more staying in Inti Hostel..last time I used to complain how bad it is and etc but now I miss it!
And I miss u roommie!!!! =/

my new bed in new room!

A lot more convenient and I can walk to college but now sigh....But anyway my new room is not bad.Hopefully I can get along with my housemates!

Happy New Semester to my coursemates sekalian!!!! *sad face*

I think it would be a tough semester for me!
Shit!I miss my primary and secondary school life now!!! =/

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bad hair day! :(

WARNING : This post is full of my SS picts!!!
My hair is super dry and super messy!!!!!!
I miss my long hair!

my licin-licin hair has gone =(

the night before i chopped off my hair

So smooth and nice..huhuhuhu. (at least for me)

Unlike now...I need to do some hair treatment already! =(
My hair spoil like hell liao!

my lion hair =(

Can I botakkan my hair and then let it grow again??Then for the time being, I wear a wig lo..can I?huhuhuhu.I have the urge to do so!! =(

wEeee~~ my gigi is nicer now! :P

taking pict while I am on the I geng?LOL!

PS : When u are moody, try taking some pictures of u or whoever or will make u feel better and it will definitely cheer u up a little!! =D

Like what I have just did! =D

Friday, February 18, 2011

I WAS a darkie!

I've been lying on my bed for more than 1 hour and I can't sleep.this kind of situation is torturing and I am wasting my time! :(
Thus, here I am blogging after seeing back my last few years' pictures.
Sometimes u might find it funny and weird about the way u dress up last time, your hair, your face,..basically everything.haha.
I was so dark last time!!not that I am fair now but I swear I am much fairer
It was freaking dark and funny!
Thanks to my volleyball training!But I have never regretted joining volleyball.
One of my best memories in high school! ;)
I know..most of u won't believe it if I told ya that I play shorty plays volleyball huh?she must be lying.. :P
Below are some of my high school pictures.
Don't laugh..i know i was SUPER DARK last time!!!!

the volleyball gang!except for gaikyean..the most right one..she is fairer than us.LOL!

do I look like a malay girl?LOL!

can u see my uneven skintone?HAHA!

SUPER DARK RIGHT?????????LOL!!!!!!

I am so glad that I am fairer now..hahahha.

FAIRER ME!!!weeeee~~