Friday, July 30, 2010

Love theories of a Bee♥

Everyone wants a perfect love life.
But who can get it?
No One to be exact.
Yeah.I admit.
I am one of those silly girls dreaming of a wonderful love life especially after watching some romance movies or dramas.
That is why our mind are needed to be detoxified!
Everyday is a fairytale but only when we are dreaming!

Nowadays, people are demanding for fireworks, sparkles or some sort of complicated chemistry in their relationship.
Yes.I am one of them.
Who wants a dull relationship?
But as your anniversaries move from the 3rd to the 4th year or 4th to the 5th year and the list goes on, you'll realised that it is quite impossible to maintain the sparks in reality.
In order to go on, face it and deal with it or else you'll come out with a list of your BF/GF names.
Yeah.I know I change bf for a couple of times. =_=

i know.mine should be love storIES.

Everything has changed.
I wonder how our parents, grandparents, ancestors maintain with only one partner in their whole life.clean record.
It is hard to find a couple who can marry with their first love.
Extinct already lah hor.

Sometimes I do think being in a relationship is troublesome.
Firstly, you need to commit in it IF you are longing for an everlasting relationship.
Seriously, commitment is a very serious issue and involvement in a relationship.
I know I failed in this in my previous relationship.I'm sorry.
Commitment is not just about ABC or 123..
It is about you taking your responsibility as a BF/GF of your partner and to love your partner unconditionally.
...and of course it is not a responsibility to love someone.don't get me wrong!
Maybe some of you might define commitment in your own perceptions and it depends on how u define or want it to be.
...and if you think it negatively, commitment is a burden.
Yes.I do think it is sometimes.

As for freedom, phewwww~~
This is darn important!
How can one live without freedom?
That is why I put "chiewbee wants to be a freEeee beEeee" in my msn.
But what does freedom means in terms of relationship?
Freedom of being able to hang out with anyone you like?
To do whatever you want, to flirt with anyone, to be free of being controlled, to have your own precious time, do anything you want without being tied up!
Sometimes, you don't even actually realise you are stealing the freedom of your loved ones because you are blinded by the word LOVE.
I know not all GFs/BFs would take away their partner's freedom.
..and nowadays I bet most of the couples are giving freedom (limited) to each other.
This is a healthier least for me.
But somehow, I do think that freedom will be taken away.
I know I am selfish.
However, when you found someone who loves you a lot and you love him/her a lot too, things might change.
Be it the way you act or think.
..and of course, if you seriously think that he/she is your Mr/Mrs.Right, do not let go this potential relationship as you might not find someone like him/her anymore.
It all depends on how far or deep your are able to commit or give in your relationship.
There is no such thing as who gives more or who gives less.

It can't be measured.
Love should be of a balance commitment and sacrifice.
I know I am "long-winded"..

I have a sudden rush to write this.
This issue bothers me a lot.
A lot of confusions and dilemmas.
It hits me even more when I see many people are actually facing this problem.
Hopefully they can settle their problem!
All the best wishes to all the couples out there!!!!
♥ XOXO ♥

i can see stars* around me now...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I can proceed to my second year now.
Passed all the subjects! ;)
Gonna study harder and smarter for next more slacking around and "Play Well, Work Well"!

I wanna be a billionaire so fucking all of the things I never had!
Must earn lotsa money next time!
So yeahh...lets study more empty promises! ;)

Oh yeahh..
I've chopped my hair!

miss my long hair!!! :/

Never expect it would be that short ( i know it it still kinda long but a lot shorter!!).

1 day temporary curl hair!looks old right?LOL!

at kellie castle :)

I prefer my long hair last time. :/

But would grow still..just gotta wait!Been lazing around at home.watching some dramas and movies.

Awww....sit in front of the laptop and eat nonstop while enjoying my sad huh? :(

Again...I've gain weight and my mum and sis complain again. =____________=
I is so WTF when my sis who already have 2 kids are a lot hotter and thinner than me..
She is the HOT MAMA...and me?SIGHHHHH!
She taught me some sexy yoga movements but I am just too lazy to do it! =________=

Must watch it man!So niceeeeee...a lot nicer than Twilight!!!
Thanksss to roommie!! :p

Stephan.Elena.Damon (they are all very SEXY!!!)

...and now I am watching The Mysteries of Love starring Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Kenneth Ma and Bernice Liu..kinda like it! =)

2 weeks more before my new semester starts!
.....and I think I'm in evol!LOL!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bye Germans....

Thanks to Paul the octopus and Mani the parrot for the predicition that Germany is going to lose to Spain!!
I hate this animals man for the damn accurate predicition!

When they lose to Serbia last time and my Klose have a red card, my heart was broken man....and when I watch the match just now, goshh...I can't bear watching it..and in fact I don't feel like watching it at all!!
...and yes....the same feeling hit me again..and happened.... =_________________=
Seeing Mueller sitting there watching the feels so shit....
The lucky number 13 guy...misses this match...what a disappointment and waste!!!

The idiot Spanish keep on attack and attack and my Germans keep on defend and defend..and at last that idiot Puyol's head hit the ball into the goal and my Germans turn to attack and attack the the Spanish defend and defend...and at last...the end of story....WHAT THE HELL!!!
Yes..I can't deny that Spain did play a good game and I hate the fact that they had won!!!!

....and Germany should be getting a penalty man!!!FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!
It was sad to see Schweinsteiger so down...arghh...
..again......hate u Spanish!!!!!
GERMANY....I will support u no matter what...and yesss....I'll be wearing the jersey in the next FIFA game in Brazil!
Hopefully by then, Podolski, Mueller, Kroos, Cacau, Lahm and the rest of the young Germans would play better..and that my Klose would play again...and yes...the coach Loew is the most handsome looking coach!!!
I love U GERMANY!!!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Holidaesss!

So this is it.
I have 1 month of holidays now! =)
How do I gotta spend my time huh?
Gotta spend it wisely and utilise my time before I go to hell again!
Anyway right after my exam, my coursemates and I went to Crown Prince seaside to barbeque!
Syoknessssss!!My first time doing a bbq by the seaside...damn nice though I ter-eat those sands..LOL!

us with our jagung!


...and kudos to our Mr.Sim Kay Sen as he was the only one who handle and bbq for us! :p

We were being so pampered man...Our duty is to EAT only!!!hahaha. :p

...and I came back from Genting 2 days ago.. ;)
Had a 2 days 1 night trip there with my coursemates!

Chin Swee temple!

...and Happy 5th Birthday to my lovely second niece!!! =)

I want to have a nice holidays!!!But my money are flowing out like mad everyday.....LOL!I know...I am a big spender but I don't even know I spend on what! =_____________=

Hopefully I'll have a good holidays and lets pray hard for my results which will be out on 14th of JULY!!
Happy holidays to all my coursemates!!! :)))

My Germany will be against Argentina on this 3rd of July!!!

Pls win Germany!!!
Klose....Podolski...Mueller....plssss score for your team!!!!