Thursday, February 26, 2009

chiew bee is here!!!!

11 days left...
i'm counting hard for the days.can't wait to go back home!i'll end my contract soon!!i'm so not gonna extend!!
i really miss my home a lot.never thought i'll be like that.seems like i'm really a mummy's girl.haha.
i realised and has learned a lot of things since i came here.from A to Z.
i think i'm becoming more independent and appreciate my family more and more.
i've shed a lot of tears here.each time my mum or cj call me, i'll cry..
that kind of feeling is indescribable.that kind of feeling is priceless.i really miss them a lot here.
i have my bad and good days here.
working here really 'open my eyes' and this job really expose me to the reality of working life.
i'll talk about that when i'm back to taiping. =)
i'm gonna start blogging!!!.....but not now of many people surrounding me.damn noisy!! i come!!!!!! :p