Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I'm sorry...i'm saying this to one of my real true friend.last time we used to play,talk,crazy and have fun together.i miss it.she is the one who knows me inside out.i tend to hurt the one who i love and care the most.i don't know why.maybe i thought they're forever mine and they won't angry me and they should be able to understand that i have no others but them.maybe i never take any action or intiative to convince them that they're important to me because i expect them to know.i'm naive enough to have this kind of thoughts.i know i do. sometimes i don't even realised that my actions will makes you feel unwanted and left out.i really don't mean to that.i've hurted you too much.i've make mistakes over and over again without truly understand myself and patch things up.i'm disappointed of myself for making you disappointed of matter how happy i am now, this thing is still bothering me and make me sad.i really felt sorry.i hope everything will be fine and return back to last time.but i know things will not be the same. i'm happy when you send me a message in friendster last few months ago saying that i'll forever be your besty.i'm really happy.but now..i know it is too late to apologise for all the things that i've done to you.i don't know it'll hurt you so much.i know i'm not worth to be your besty anymore..this is one of the things that i regret the most in my life..i'm ego and naive..i really hope that we could be like last time..i don't want to lose a friend like you for you are the best for me..

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

holidays~~ am i supposed to enjoy this holidays??do u believe if i say i have tuitions during last weekends and it was supposed to be my least i can keep myself busy.recently i just LOVE to be busy and make myself tired![i guess some of u might know the reason why ;) ] last saturday went for 'pengajian am' tuition in pj[not petaling jaya but pusat jaksa.haha] Seems like no one has the mood to listen to redzawan and do the questions that he gave..come on..who would?everyone was busy with their own business.i guess he himself also lazy wanna teach us.he is famous with his laziness.

this is what people do when boredom strikes them in tuition

Well..for some,people tuition is a waste of time..they rather study at home and depend on themselves.however, for those who lazy to study at home and think what their teacher teach in school is useless then they should go for it.for lazy student like me.haha.i should go.BUT sometimes tuition is way too makes u sleepy.your brain is not working especially in the afternoon.end up they will sleep in the class and busy talking away..or else busy pressing and playing with their handphones.this is what teenagers do.i'll feel guilty for not the end of the class i don't know what teacher is teaching and feel is a waste of time going tuition and start blaming myself.haha.

can you see?someone is sleeping..

..busy sms-ing..

anyway..there are still some good students who are really serious and concentrate in tuition.this kind of students almost pupus what i see now la.hehe.well..this is normal.maybe as what redzawan has always says, we do not know the right technique to study and concentrate.i believe it.sometimes what he says is quite true and logic though he craps all the time..i salute those who study all the time.wonder how can they do that..don't they feel sleepy or bored or LAZY?i'm turning into one lazy bee.. :(

see..hardworking people.haha

me.cyk.busy capture photos..^^ this is called lazy people.

okok..back to my saturday 'activities'..after tuition i went to gym with sow ann.i need some workout on my elephant friends called me 'kaki gajah' and has teasing me since a few months makes me look shorter!!i see back my last time leg.thin and looks so looks good man!!unlike now.i do not dare to wear shorts and you know what.i cannot wear most of my jeans and shorts already.freaks me out!!i know i'm obsessed with myself.but imagine..all the jeans and shorts that cannot fit you already.saddening.that is why you can see me complaining all the time.i cannot stop myself from eating especially fast food and'll feel very bad when your sister who already had two lil' children and yet she is much thinner than you and her thigh is much smaller than yours and that is what i'm feeling now.i'm not jealous of her but feel body shape is like one aunty's body now.maybe u'll say i'm not fat.but for ME i am fat.this is exactly how i feel.owh...i sound so depress..ok.don't talk about this.anyway i've captured some photos in the gym but it is blur.don't dare to take know la..many anuties there.find one day i'll take photos with my gym instructor.he is damn muscular but too bad he is kinda short.haha.

2 yellow aunties.can u spot sow ann's butt?with the dark blue shorts.haha

miss ng..i think her thigh is smaller than mine ;(

...and this is sweaty face..

When it comes to night timei i'm bored to hell.luckily chun kit asked me to go out yumcha with his wifey along.we went to prima.shu ying ordered sushi and i planned not to eat.but temptation kills last i decided to order laksa. :( after that we go round lake garden.went to pondan village.haha.she was so excited and her eyes non-stop searching and eyeing on ah kua.i wonder why they wanna be is damn nice to become a guy.why huh??weird weird.they rather to have fake breast and 'do it' with a guy..ewwwww...i still remembered they was once when my friend, jacker went down and asked them what is the price for their of them even touched his private part but he still remained he feel now is time for me to sleep now.tomorrow i'm gonna have another boring day to go through and make myself tired again..thanks for those who have cheered me up and make my day a nice one!i can't survive alone!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

i'm here once again =)

heyy..i'm here again with my new blog to voice out my feelings and least i can share something with you guys and open up my heart.with this i do not have to keep some hidden or sad memories inside me which makes me miserable and depressed.well well..before this i have a blog.hehe.but i think i should create a new one.don't ask me why.because i don't even know why.. :p actually i'm not interested to have my own blog due to my laziness.BUT there are a few bloggers [kennysia,nicole,xia xue and even one of my friend,pei pei] who gives me an inspiration to create this blog.thanks.especially to pei pei.she is the one who first introduce me to the world of blogging.and now i'm here. =) a big bow to you chicken pie!!anyway i'll be going maxwell hill tomorrow.when i'm back i'm gonna share my happy happie happieee trip to maxwell. ;)