Monday, March 30, 2009

lucky & grateful

When i was just a little girl,
I asked my mother what would i be,
Will i be pretty?Will i be rich?
Here's what she says to me.

Que sera sera,
Whatever will be will be,
The future's not our to see,
Que sera sera,
What will be will be.....

Sounds familiar??
remember this song?haha.i used to sing this song when i was in kindergarten and if i am not mistaken, i entered a choir group when i was in standard one and we sang this song too.haha.
don't know why..out of a sudden, this song is reminding me of something about life.
i feel myself very lucky in every way in my life..
it is not that my life is perfect or i get to achieve whatever that i hoped for but i feel a sense of "bahagianess" in my i crazy?haha.
what is wrong with me these days??
but seriously..i feel lucky...(wtf)
what will be will be.the future's not ours to true..don't u think so?
so whatever bad things happen in your life now, don't give up and think positively as u won't know what will happen in your future.
there are ups and downs in our life.
u should be grateful for whatever you have achieve in your life.
everything happens for a reason.. =)
don't let the reason to bring u down.

i am not the richest.
i am not the prettiest or the cutest.
i am not the smartest.
i don't always get what i fact, i always get what i don't want..haha..
ugly things do happen in my piece of life.
i've gone through sad depressed moments...i've cried for probably a hundred thousand times (i know i'm a little exaggerate on this.hehe.) but.....
somehow, i feel lucky. =)
lucky to have everything i have now....

Saturday, March 28, 2009


a silent moment does not mean it is an awkward or sad moment..
it could be a happy moment..i treasured those moment..
these few days i don't feel like answering any calls or replying any messages.
it is not that i feel that u guys are irritating or wasting my money replying u guys..
i know this is annoying but i wanna be alone.
i even don't feel like replying him and i don't realised that i didn't message him.
i don't bother what happens around me.
traveling around the world all by yourself, be away from all your friends and family, your loved ones,....
.....i can feel the satisfaction and the peacefulness at heart....sigh...if i'm rich....=(
i really don't feel like going out.i just wanna stay at home.i need some time to be alone doing my things and enjoy some peaceful time of mine.
hope that some of you understand this.
maybe i'm being selfish for doing this but this is what i want for this moment.
i'll reverse or forward back when it is the right time.
sorry if any of u feel hurt..
i know.maybe by my action u'll think that u are no longer important to me or no longer a best friend of mine but the truth is u are wrong....u know who u are...didn't hang out with u doesn't mean i forgot about u..

now, i prefer silence.....
......but i know it won't last...=)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

eat sleep makan tidur...

that is my main activities everyday...
last time busy busy with eating and sleeping..great..such a "healthy" lifestyle huh?
i put on weight and that makes me don't feel like shopping.
just like the other day..i went to pelita...i ordered 1 plate of mee goreng, roti pisang and roti bom and i finish it all by myself!! =(
...and the first thing i think about after i wake up is food!!!
yesterday while i'm wathing that hong kong drama the gems of life, i'm enjoying eating honey stars, some biscuits, muruku, lolipops, ice-creams, stop myself from eating those fattening food, i hunt for fruits!!goshhh....come to think about it, it is scary!!!
my mum was like staring at me 1 kind when i keep on walk to the kitchen to hunt for food and teased me saying that i'm gonna be a fatty!
i think i really would if i continue eating like this...
all i think about is food food food and food!!!!!! =(

Monday, March 23, 2009

total crap!! it a good thing or a bad thing that i woke up early???this is extreme early...
i cannot sleep well..goshh!!this is sickening man!
i slept only at 2+ and awake for a few times and i'm fully awake now???wth..~~!!!
i decided to blog now since there is nothing much i can do at this time.
i plan to go jogging with my mum but lazyness strucks me.
i'm so not ready to exercise.haha.

hmm i don't know should i work or not since i'll be free for a few more months but i don't feel like working but i wanna work~~!!!this question came to my mind when 1 of my friend accidentally forward a message to me just now which contains the payment of a bad ehh..rm170 per for a few days only.damn syok!!thanks to u cck for reminding me about work.haha. :p
there is not much jobs in taiping which i want..this thing also damn fan!
no matter what, i don't want to be away from home again~~!!
after the damn homesick in genting, i'm enough of that!!!call me a mummy or daddy's daughter.i don't mind..
i know.i'm old enough to be away from my 4 months i still need to be away from my home to study in local U(or college :P ). maybe i can take this as a training or whatever it is, but i don't need it.thanks.
my parents are getting older each year.compared to the last 10 years, they are much older least for this moment, i can spend some time with them.
next time, i don't think i have the chance to stay or stick to them everyday...
i think that time i will feel regret for not spending time with them for they are so important to me.even my two niece are important to me.seeing them everyday after come back from their nursery makes me smile =) though sometimes they are damn annoying and noisy but i still LOVE them.
i'll appreciate every single day i have as i won't know what will happen tomorrow..what if tomorrow never comes right?choi choi choi!!*touch wood*
but this is a one can escape from the truth. =)

i wonder how my life would be for the next 15 years..haha...that time i'll be 34 years old~~!!!haha.where would i stay..?what kind of jobs would i do..?who is my life time partner..?when would i be getting married..?how many kids would i have..?(LOL.maybe i'll be a nun! XD) is my bodyshape..?maybe i'll grow taller..?LOL...hahahahhaha...
damn...i'm damn curious!!!haha.

i think i need to sleep back again now..i'm not satisfied!!i wana sleep again!!!
before are some of my syok sendiri photos before i sleep~~~muahahahahha..
i think i'm hyperactive at this kind of time~~~BIG SWT to chiew bee!!

LOL!!!good night everyone!!!!or mabe i should say good morning!!! :p

Sunday, March 22, 2009


that night would be the most memorable night for me though it is only a short moment.
i'm longing for that moment again.i miss it....

it will always be in my a burning flame in my heart...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


everyday and every night i was browsing through all the websites over and over again to search for information about all the courses and local universities that i want to choose.
but wth, i still cannot make a decision about what course i want to take.
this is killing me.i hate to make decision and this is related to my future.grrrr!!!
economics?business?mass communication?finance??!!!
what should i put for my 1st choice?should i put it as my 2nd choice??
why should i worry that much??!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

a piece of life in genting

last 3 months, as u all know, i went to genting to work as a front office assistant in the second world's largest hotel..First World Hotel...
i was so eager to work there as a foa but the job is not that nice after all.i've been working like a slave.not an easy job at all.
when i first got that job, i was worried over 1 height.haha.because all this while i heard from many people that they need TALL people to work as bought a pair of high heels.ahem...i never such tinggi punya high heel before actually and at first i have difficulties walking on it and my foot pain like hell.all the girls there(i mean the same batch as me) were complaining about their foot pain and tired and all sorts of things.haha.
now i have a little bit of u know why?actually the front office counter is higher than we thought so we don't need to worry about our heights.i mean...i think u know what i mean...haha.

anyway the first few days before we start to work, we have to undergo some stupid orientation.
....and when they first introduce us the processes and procedures of checking in the guests, i feel so stressed because everything seems to be like so tough and they were rushing explaining to us about the procedures of the girls even quit the job the next day because she find it hard and stressful.from that moment, i began to feel scared actually.the worse is, we will get skipper, i mean we have to pay money if we accidentally didn't collect the payment or collect lesser than it should be..

finally....we get to enter the front office counter and all we do during the first two weeks is........
prepare the keys all, stand behind our senior and learn from them by ourself, standby at ticket counter, all those remeh-temeh stuff..after don't know how long only they let us to check in by ourself and luckily, i get to learn to check in by myself before chinese new year season or else everything will be a mess.working there is not easy at all.we get scolded from the guests all especially those fussy guests from singapore and those gamblers!!!can't stand them at times and feel like taking off my heels and throw it at their face or sumbat their mouth with papers.some of the guests even scolded some of my friends until they cried.customer is always right kononnya.i know they feel upset and angry while waiting for the queues to check in but is not the front office fault, we already try our best to speed up and fulfil all your needs..
some guests want higher floor, non-smoking area, connecting room, want room service, bla bla bla...hey u think what..this is only a 3 star hotel leh...go stay at those 5 stars hotel la..ishh...keep on complain this and that..hear until i gila...

at first when i follow the seniors all and i wonder why they are so garang...some of them even dare to scold back the guests and talk to them loudly and show their angry faces..haha..that time i feel they are so scary but now i understand their i work there longer, i began to be like one of them.haha.sometimes when i think about it, i feel funny.sometimes what the guests scold and complain is so ridiculous and unreasonable..some of the guests even scold the word fuck,damn, what i remember the most is, 1 of the guests scold "what fuck up system is that,i'll complain to the newspaper about your 'niau' hotel"...haha..he repeated the word 'niau'(BIRD) for so many times.i was like what the....such an educated uncle scold with such words and everyone is looking at him and me as well..memalukan me only!!!
i guess i don't have the patience to work in front office line.haha.i can die if i continue working voice will gone and gonna get heart attack very soon..

overall...the job is actually not so bad but the human itself that makes it bad....the human that i'm referring to is obviously the guests and some of the managers and supervisors of front office.
a few of them is totally unhelpful and some of them are really bias and unfair!!!as what i know, they are really those type who talk behind u though they seem to be so good in front of u..this is the real working life i think..everyone is competing among themselves to guarantee their own position.sick of working time after graduate from university, then we have to work for our WHOLE more holidays!!!how scary is that?sigh...
even i work in genting for almost 3 months only, i feel so tired already and don't feel like working anymore. =(
but i think working in genting is different la..imagine..everyday u r trap in genting..
last time when i go there, i used to lost my ways and it seems to be so big to me but it is actually very small.i think i've walk around the whole genting in the first few days i arrived there.everyday after finish working, i'm walking and lepaking at the same old place.very bored u know.the life there is meaningless..i don't know what day is the next day if i didn't go to work...i don't know is it raining outside..its like no day or night in genting..u won't realise it is already late at night unless u step out and take a look.i'm not exaggerating here but this is the truth.
especially those gamblers in the casino, they won't know how long they are stuck inside the casino once they have start gambling and are so into it...
genting is truly a nice destination for holidays but an ugly sad place for gamblers....
some of the gamblers don't even have a rm10 in their wallet because they have lose all their money to the casino.when they don't have a place to sleep, i don't know whether i should pity them..sigh...humans...

well well...though the job is hard and make me feel so suffer and i'm homesick and cried almost every night when i'm sleeping or after my mum or cj calls me, i'm not regret working there!(maybe i said before i regret but actually none.hehe)
at least i learn how to live in this realistic world. =)
i get to know some friends who are really nice and good. =)
i love and appreciate my family more.thats why now i'm spending most of my time with them especially with my mum and talking to them! =)
i learn to be more independent and brave.=)
i don't know why, but i feel i'm older and mature after working there.haha.
i get to learn something about hotel time when i wanna stay in first world hotel, i'm gonna be one of the fussy guest and request this and that.muahahahhaha!!!!!!
that time i'll be chiew bee the fussy guest!!!!!!!*evil grin*

Friday, March 13, 2009

I.N.A.C.T.I.V.E the best word to describe me now..i'm super duper lazy!!!
don't feel like doing anything.don't feel like stepping out of my house at all.don't feel like driving.don't feel like waking up in the morning.tell u what.on don't know which day, i woke up at 12 in the noon and i slp back til 4+pm.haha.i don't believe myself could sleep tat long and suprisingly, my mum didn't wake me up at all.i think she thinks tat i'm tired.haha.
seriosuly i don't have the mood to go out at this a good or bad sign?hmm i wonder...

anyway.....i've got my result..better than i expected especially for my bm...i still remembered i cried at home after i've finish my bm paper 2 because i thought my karangan terpesong already and after that i didn't even study for my business..gosh...i can still remember that kind of feeling..after a few more months from now, i have to get back to the study life...phew..don't know i should be happy or sad for that.nvm.i think i'll enjoy my life next time.hehe.
i'm actually quite happy for my result but after i get some news from my friends and i see newspaper the next day....quite a number of people get 4A'S in science stream..i was like what the come they can get 4A'S?..feel a bit disappointed of myself but NO OFFENCE ya..i know i'm greedy and i think i'm not the only one who has this kind of thinking..
anyhow...i'm still happy with my those who didn't get the results that u guys want, don't ever give up!as what pn.yuan has said, our new chapter of life has just began..don't end it because the future is in our own hand.we create our own future!!!lets work hard together and wish all my friends the best of luck in getting a placing in university!!! =)