Sunday, August 22, 2010

A "wild" Night

This semester's timetable seems weird to me.
Its empty..
The lecture and tutorial for every subjects are combined and 1 shot 3 hours.

And this is my week 4 now but my mind seems to be so blank.
Nothing is kept in my head. =/
But I'll have my Law test and Finance quiz this week and 1 terrible assignment to be submit on the 1st week of June.

My coursemates and I are so "stressed out"..
We deserved a "wild" night outing at QE2. :P
Thanks to our Zi Hao ge for the suggestion.hahhahaha.

us at the spring before QE2

leopard represents sexyness..but i am so not sexy.LOL.

she looks like a pure clubber huh? :P

weeee..we've got the VIP pass!

showing off their gigi!

thaw pretending to be GAY!!

girls rock the world!! ;)

I think most of us have enjoyed the night.
Lots of laughters and siaoness though the atmosphere there seemed to be kinda bored at first ~
But who cares..what matters most is..we get to hang out together!! =)
It was Fun Fun and FUN!
Let's do it again!

Ps : don't judge me people.i am not a clubber and i am not addicted to it!LOL!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Braces is on!


At last.......
I am wearing braces now!!!
I look so ugly now.super the ugly.

I don't know how to smile now. =(
No more donald duck smile but a weird creature smile. =(
I will miss it! =(
...and I find it hard to smile without showing my teeth now. =(
Feel so weird now.
Even the dentist asked me, "Do u need a mask to cover your mouth?" and she was laughing.
Because when she asked me to see the mirror, my face expression was like

But nevermind la pays off to have nice gigi!
Then I can show off my gigi already!
Kawan-kawan sekalian..don't laugh or shock when u all see me!!!
...and don't miss my tiger tooth!!! :P

Ps : simkaysen!i am regret now!should have do some nice photo shooting before i wear braces! =/

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Down Drown Down!

" I thought I could fly so why did I drown?
I'll never know why its coming down down down...."

It was absolutely a bad black friday.
Everything irritates me yesterday.
Even my niece irritates me.
...and especially her.
She is destroying her own life.her own happiness.
How I wish she could change now.
I don't know what is behind the truth.
I don't know how to find the truth.
I know one thing which no one knows.
I know I shouldn't let them to know about it.
But I can't stand it anymore....

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Special weapon!

As most of you have known, 4 of my gigiS are gone due to the tooth extraction for my braces.
...and yeah I've make a big fuss about cabut gigi.
Hey it was scary ok?
The moment I stepped in the room I was so scared and even my mum was worried like hell.
But luckily it was not as pain as what I thought la or else..I'm gonna be so dead!
I'm going to wear the braces on this coming 17th!!!NERVOUS & exicted sial!
Wonder how would I look like with the braces on....HAHA.
...and the worst is...Sam told me I can't eat chewing gum and drink soft drinks when I wear braces.
So WTF right? =/
Seems like I got to sacrifice a lot to have perfect gigiS!

still able to pose a peace.LOL
can u see the hole there?haha.

So.....don't ever bully or mess with me!I have this special weapon!

I have my sharp gigiS with me to poke u!!

so long and sharp!!

nahh...i can poke u with this! :P