Thursday, August 21, 2008

tut tut tut!!!

hello people!!
grrrr...i don't know what am i supposed to feel now.
happy, sad, stressed, depressed, scared..what what what??
i think i'm happy but i don't think i'm happy.
i don't think i'm stress but i think i'm stressed!
what have i done in this 1 week holiday?what what what?
i don't know.
i don't know what am i studying right now.what have i studied just now?what?!!!
i'm losing my direction.losing my determination.losing my focus.damn damn damn!
my trial is just 18 days from today!
i have to study for 5 subjects!
last time i have to study 10 subjects and now down to 5.
5 big deal right?argrr!!!
i sleep eat and eat!
even when i don't feel hungry i'll find for food.
what is wrong with me?
i wanna be away from home.i wanna be away from all the books and notes in my room!