Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tang Yuan festival!

It is the Winter Solstice Festival (Dong Zhi)!
Every year, my parents and I will do this round glutinous flour balls (tang yuan).
I usually don't like to eat this tang yuan but I just like to drink the soup.haha.

Actually I don't know what is the meaning of "tang yuan" but I googled it.haha.
Eating tang yuan on Dong Zhi represents family reunion and also signifies family unity and family prosperity.
HAHA.now I know why my mum insisted me to eat tang yuan!

...and my dad asked my mum to do a mixture of white, pink and green colour tang yuan!haha.it is kinda nice actually..its like a marshmallow colour!so cute!

my mum made the two odd one!!!cute or not? =P

minnie bee with tang yuan
Happy Tang Yuan Festival everyoneeee!!!!!
May u all be "yuan yuan" always!! =D

Thursday, December 16, 2010

All The Love In The World ♥

I've passed in every subjects!
It was such a miracle.
Wonder how did I managed to get such score.

And I actually bluff my sis that I've failed in my finance paper and at that time, my mum haven't know about my result..and this silly sis of mine called my mum and asked whether she knows about it and wondering whether did I cry for the whole night.

This silly sis of mine then called me and consoled me.
and I can't stand it anymore and LOL.then she was like...
but too bad.she had called my mum.
and when she called back my mum to tell her the truth ( I was not at home ), my mum was sobbing already.
She was worried that I'll sad and cry til don't know when due to the emotional breakdown that I went throughout the exam period.
I feel so touched and sorry at the same time.




I feel so blessed to have all of u in my life ♥


Actually I feel kinda sad and moody today.
Cannot get to join them at Sentosa Villa tonight.
I've never meet my this Convent gang for so long. =/
I really miss them.a lot.
It is hard to find friends like the one in your primary and secondary school.seriously..

did this when i was in form 5

our final year in convent!

our graduation day!

so young back then...

My this freaking job is taking my freedom and time away!
Should not have start to work that early!
I feel so lifeless...
I so so so need to active back my social network and life!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Back with a Supriseee!

It has been 1 week since I was back to Taiping.
Awww..I miss my dear roommate.
Next semester I won't be able to see her again.
My heart was wrenching when I leave the room.
I am regret roommiee..sorry for never hanging out with u before..next time we have to take lotsa pic when we meet each other alright? ;)
She will be graduating after this sem..sigh.
I'll need to adapt myself with a new roommate next year. =/
I doubt that I'll find a roommie like her again. =/
Thanks for everything roommie.I really adore u.love u! ♥

our one and only pic =/

This semester was a terrible one despite of all the good food, good movies, good companions, lovely moments,etc..
I seriously never felt this way before.I hate it!

before my last finance paper

I hate the feeling of being afraid to fail..some of u might say I think too much and I wouldn't fail but people do have their moment of failures.like me.
In 15 days time, I'll get to know my results.sighhhhhhh.

In the meantime, I am trying my best to forget about it and enjoy all I could!!

a lovely bear from..

But I don't think I'll get to enjoy that much..
Because I am going to work as a Front Office at SSL Hotel.LOL
I think I'll regret for working there!but nevermind..8 hours per day...1 day off...not that bad after all...sighhh..there is no job in taiping!!


afterr...yesss...my current hair colour!!!

I'll tell u why next time!!!! =P

Saturday, November 13, 2010


It doesn't make sense at all!
FCUKING FED UP!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's the time..

It's the time........
time time time.........


Presentation, assignments and quiz are finally over....

attire for my CIB presentation!

us after our presentation!

Mr.Beh evaluating us!!

...and at last...
The event that makes me go dizzy has finally over!!!
My brother's wedding has actually make my whole family gone crazy especially my parents.
Me and my sis were busy planning for the dinner's decoration and I think we did quite well on that.hehe.
But luckily everything went quite smoothly...
Thanks a lot to KaySen and Steve for coming over to become our videographer and photographer.haha.
next time I would like to have a perfect wedding dinner.
But who knows..maybe I'll never have the chance to get married!!LOL.

brother and my sis-in-law at lake garden! ;)

me & the roses..awww..i miss all the roses!


I have to stop daydreaming now.
It's time to get back on track.
Wish me all the best in my final!! ;)
OXOX, Bee♥

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Koala Human

Spotted any koala human at Penang before?
They are one of its kind.
They look like koala but not koala but they are fully humanish.
Wonder how do koala human looks like????




It's us.

...not forgetting Koala Ping! :P (this picture looks funny to me!)

At Origins.
Cute leh?
Limited edition of koala human.

I am testing their skincare product.
My face is damn dry now and I have fine lines on my eyes..goshh...
I am only 20...

Kanak-kanak bahagia~

How now?I need to use hydration product now.sad sial. =/

Need to spend money again.lagi sad.

my super chan face!! =/

see what see.i know i am lanc! =P

Friday, October 15, 2010

New Layout!

I'm back with my new layout AGAIN....
I will never get satisfied with my layout everytime after I changed it.
But I kinda like the current layout..because I'm in love with ribbons!!!!!hehehe.

Phewwww...I've abandoned this blog for 1 month!
No time to blog..no time to do anything...

24 hours is just not enough!!!
That is why sometimes I prefer to sleep late at night because I feel I am wasting my time.

temporary curl with my minnie pyjamas!!! =P

.....and weeEEEeeeeeeeee~
I've cut and dye my hair last week.

my fringe is too long.gonna cut it again!

my hair colour not too bright la hor?

...and my brother's wedding is just 2 weeks away..I don't know why..I am excited!!!!

....and my final exam.....is just 1 month away!!!!
I don't know why..I am not excited!!!LOL!
I know..I am lame =_=
This sem I scared I'll fail in 1 or 2 subjects...SCARY!!!

but maybe can go for a movie la hor?ehehhee.

Til then...OXOX :D

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Game of Love

Have a random thought in my mind now.
Thanks to Hor Chun Kit. =P
Last night he suddenly asked me a very random question.

ChunKit : I am wondering is love a game of wealth? Hahahhaha..
ChiewBee : Haha.last time no la but now I think it is..lol.why?
ChunKit : Haha..then i really hope i am wealthy..hahahha.

Don't u think so that our lifestyle and thoughts have changed drastically compared to our mum and grandma's time of life?
My grandma and mum used to tell me about their stories when they were young.
I know my mum have went through a lot in her life especially after she was married to my dad.
They have gone through hardship but still they managed to get through it together without giving up.
Or else I wouldn't have what I have now.I wouldn't live a life like this without them.

My main point here is who can once again follow our mama, grandma, ancestors footsteps to fully love and to bear with those sufferings with a man who they truly love?

Based on what ChunKit had asked me and based on what I have actually witnessed around me, people are getting more materialistic.
Just like the 5C's of Singapore; Cash, Car, Credit Card, Condominium, and membership of Country club, we can see that without the 5 C's or any Cs, girls would actually think twice before starts to date with that particular guy.

Correct me if I am wrong.
Yes. I am a girl myself.
Of course I would want to have a rich husband next time, to have my own big wardrobe specially for my clothes, bags, heels,...

Who wouldn't want that huh?
But honestly, are we blinded by the name of wealth rather than blinded by the name of love?
U have to ask yourself about this.

Girls girls girls....boys boys boys....
When both this species are combined together, phewww......
Disaster man..more complicated than those chemistry or maths formulas.
So..think twice before u want to have a gf or bf! =P

what say u? :P

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

你不知道的事 ♥

This song is super nice!
Though I don't have the craze towards Lee Hom, somehow this song...makes me fall for him! :P
His voice is so mesmerizing!beh tong saja! ♥♥

have a good laugh over my retarded face! :P

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A "wild" Night

This semester's timetable seems weird to me.
Its like...so empty..
The lecture and tutorial for every subjects are combined and 1 shot 3 hours.

And this is my week 4 now but my mind seems to be so blank.
Nothing is kept in my head. =/
But I'll have my Law test and Finance quiz this week and 1 terrible assignment to be submit on the 1st week of June.

My coursemates and I are so "stressed out"..
We deserved a "wild" night outing at QE2. :P
Thanks to our Zi Hao ge for the suggestion.hahhahaha.

us at the spring before QE2

leopard represents sexyness..but i am so not sexy.LOL.

she looks like a pure clubber huh? :P

weeee..we've got the VIP pass!

showing off their gigi!

thaw pretending to be GAY!!

girls rock the world!! ;)

I think most of us have enjoyed the night.
Lots of laughters and siaoness though the atmosphere there seemed to be kinda bored at first ~
But who cares..what matters most is..we get to hang out together!! =)
It was Fun Fun and FUN!
Let's do it again!

Ps : don't judge me people.i am not a clubber and i am not addicted to it!LOL!