Friday, September 17, 2010

The Game of Love

Have a random thought in my mind now.
Thanks to Hor Chun Kit. =P
Last night he suddenly asked me a very random question.

ChunKit : I am wondering is love a game of wealth? Hahahhaha..
ChiewBee : Haha.last time no la but now I think it
ChunKit : Haha..then i really hope i am wealthy..hahahha.

Don't u think so that our lifestyle and thoughts have changed drastically compared to our mum and grandma's time of life?
My grandma and mum used to tell me about their stories when they were young.
I know my mum have went through a lot in her life especially after she was married to my dad.
They have gone through hardship but still they managed to get through it together without giving up.
Or else I wouldn't have what I have now.I wouldn't live a life like this without them.

My main point here is who can once again follow our mama, grandma, ancestors footsteps to fully love and to bear with those sufferings with a man who they truly love?

Based on what ChunKit had asked me and based on what I have actually witnessed around me, people are getting more materialistic.
Just like the 5C's of Singapore; Cash, Car, Credit Card, Condominium, and membership of Country club, we can see that without the 5 C's or any Cs, girls would actually think twice before starts to date with that particular guy.

Correct me if I am wrong.
Yes. I am a girl myself.
Of course I would want to have a rich husband next time, to have my own big wardrobe specially for my clothes, bags, heels,...

Who wouldn't want that huh?
But honestly, are we blinded by the name of wealth rather than blinded by the name of love?
U have to ask yourself about this.

Girls girls girls....boys boys boys....
When both this species are combined together, phewww......
Disaster man..more complicated than those chemistry or maths formulas.
So..think twice before u want to have a gf or bf! =P

what say u? :P

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

你不知道的事 ♥

This song is super nice!
Though I don't have the craze towards Lee Hom, somehow this song...makes me fall for him! :P
His voice is so mesmerizing!beh tong saja! ♥♥

have a good laugh over my retarded face! :P