Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Specially for u too ^^

haha.i feel funny though.
its like we both replying message
well hard feelings over what i've mentioned in my previous post..
i'm just saying what i wanna say and how i feel that time.
hmm u're saying everyone hates u and u hate 'everyone'?
i don't know u're refering the 'everyone' to who..perhaps i'm included as well..
well..just because u're pessimistic and sensitive then ppl hate u for that??
if it really happens then i'm speechless..
hatred won't bring benefits in any is not good for yourself either..
u already have a mindset that telling matter what u do or say,ppl will hate u for that..
its like your mind is controlled by the mindset thingy.
and yea..most of the people are depends on the situation they encountered..
next time u need to be 'two-faced' when u're working,socialising and yeah..there is a limit..
and sometimes what u see is not what u get..i mean it is not the truth or the reason or whatever la..i'm lost of words now.i don't think by observing something then u can get the answer from the obversation..i don't think this is approriate in getting to know some answer or the truth..
hmm u don't have friends??i don't think so..then those people around u??your enemies?haha.
maybe the friend u're refering to is those best friend or good friend who can share your everything???
by the way i know we should be aware with our surroundings but there is a limit i supposed?i don't think if u're too sensitive then it'll help u in your life?maybe now it helps u but i don't think it'll help u in the future..thats my point of view la..
just wanna express my opinion since i'm freaking free and feel like crapping..

Happy day!!!!

well well...
i get my car licence since 18th of April 2007..
and last friday,7th of March 2008 i drove all the way to Penang alone.haha.
that was my first time driving on highway and i'm ALONE!
i'm actually very excited and i don't feel scared at all.i don't know why.i feel so daring..
maybe thats the power of love.LOL.
i think i drive quite car meter spoiled.i can't see how fast i drive.=(
i was in kamunting area at around 11am and i reached the bridge there at around 12.20 or around that time la.haha.for a beginner like me, it is consider very fast already..
then i went to USM to fetch Cj and i'm quite lost there cause he gave me the wrong direction!!
he showed me some of the places in usm..i felt that it is awesome~~~!i actually can't wait to go to university!!!!i should have take some pictures but that time i was quite angry. i didn't take..
i was so glad when i finally reached usm, because i don't need to drive anymore..
i felt so tired though the journey is not very long.maybe i haven't get use to it.
oh yeah..i was terrified and scared when i drove along the penang bridge..scary!!!
the car drivers simply overtake u and they drive til so fast.crazy!!!
anyway after that we went to gurney because i wanted to eat the gurney drive's laksa.hehe.
we managed to watch a movie.step up 2 : the streets!!
it was awesome!!so nice!!see them dance makes me feel like dancing as well!!
i like that girl named Andie and another guy,Chase!!!
thanks to Cj,luckily he chose this movie ^^
but too bad i didn't buy any clothes.i'm finding for bag actually but i don't see any nice one.
i should have go queensbay.i wanted to go forever 21 and momoe shop! =(
however,i'm happy with this one day trip!!haha.
here are some pictures that i took at gurney drive..=)

i love the colour of the sky.amazing!

i feel myself so tiny and small when i look at this...

haha.cj took is too near~!!

i love this.but the love shape a bit cacat.i was giggling that time.haha

a little ghost.haha & cj ^^

i love that day..get to watch movie with him and spend a little precious time has been so long since i watch movie together with him last time.i know u're very busy with your assignments but u still willing to accompany me.thanks dr.bahagia!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

humans are confusing~~

i just read one of my friend's blog..
i feel weird and confused and actually kinda piss of with what she've said in one of her post..
i know she is refering the A and B to me and one 1 of classmates.
i feel weird and confused and i feel her perceptions on 'people' is usually negative and too sensitive towards her is right that most of the people are 'two-faced people'.but u can't just assume that everyone is 'two-faced people'..
i'm confused because i don't understand why she said i'm trying to protect A whereas i didn't.
i don't see any reason why i should protect A or bluff her because of A.A is not someone who is important to me and i don't bother about her at all.if A is wrong then she is wrong.if A is right then she is right.
if A is someone who is real important to me who play significant role in my life,then maybe i'll reconsider it.but no..not at all..
she can write whatever in her blog.thats her blog.her life.i don't mind but when it comes to this i cannot..
i don't like people to accuse or blame me for bluffing them whereas i didn't..i'm sure everyone doens't like it.not just me..the feeling sucks!
and hey..u rather want me to tell u something or create some story which is not the truth to satisfy your six sense and yet it becomes a sin to me?
how do u know it is not the truth when u don't know the truth and thats the reason why u ask for the truth right?
six sense is not always right..thats all i can say..
i'm not trying to be kind at all.I'M NOT!
i'm just being honest and to tell the truth.i'm not talking or lying on behalf of A, but me myself.i'm not on her side and i'm not on your side too.i'm not on anyone's side.
what should i tell when i already tell the truth and i don't remember or recall that A has whispered to me about whatever thing at all.
all i know is A kept on ask me questions on macroeconomy and i felt being disturbed..
argh!!life is so complicated sometimes and rather confusing when it comes to social life..
u tell the truth but people choose not to believe it but to believe their six sense..
the truth that lies within~~

Monday, March 3, 2008

me & you

it's funny when i find myself looking at our pictures smiling and crying..
you're like a dream when i'm not sleeping.
sometimes i really think that faith bring us together..
from the first time i met u in pizza hut..until i met u in kota tuition centre..
i admit that i can't keep my eyes off u everytime i see u.
i know i've got a crush on u and hope u feel the same way too..*blush*
1st of July 2005, the day we started our relationship..
as time passes by, i thought our relationship is like those puppy love..
but i'm is more than that.
u makes me happy, sad, jealous, cried,...
from that time onwards, i know that u're my real soulmate..
someone that i can rely on..
someone who cares for me & teaches me from wrong to right..

our first picture ^^

haha.we look so young..

dr.bahagia & the patient. ;)

sometimes i feel that u know me inside-out but sometimes NO (when we quarrel.hehe).... sometimes i feel that u're so so adorable and lovely...i love all the suprises that u gave makes me feel be loved.<3


when our parents found out about our relationship, i feel that our love is upgrade to another level where my love for you grow stronger indirectly..
u're so important to me..
u make me feel upside down.
when i say i hate u, i don't mean that..
i too love u to hate u understand?
aww...those feelings are indescribable..


1st of July 2006

king of mine ;)

i know sometimes i'm over...
sorry for making u angry or disappointed.sometimes i'm lost in the name of love..i'll do silly things..i hope u'll know that i really care for u and that u're always in my heart and i put u as my top priority in my life..

we've been together for so long...i never thought we can go so far..we've encountered so many obstacles..from the day we started our relationship until now.we've cried, quarreled,...there are times where i feel like giving up.i'm not a tough or strong girl.i'm just trying to be one..but for the sake of you and our love, i keep going on..i really hope we can make it through.i don't want our love just vanish and disappear like that..

1st of July 2007

there are ups and downs in our relationship...sometimes i'm really scared that u'll give up on me and fed up with me.we're in a long distance relationship.though u tried your best to come back every weekend, but i'm still scare that we cannot make it.i know i'm pessimist.i'm trying my best to be optimistic u know.. :(

i'm happy when i see u..i'm happy when i see a smile on your face..i'm happy when u tease me.. i'm happy when u suddenly call me and tell me that u miss me..i found a reason for change who i used to be.a reason to start over new and the reason is u.the one who able to manipulate my feelings..the one who who put such a hunger in my heart and keep me strong..


i cherish u more and more after what we've gone through..
i hope u'll really understand how i feel towards u and how important u are to me..
u're my world, my heart and my soul.u'll always be my red hornien and i'll be your green hornien..
the half heart of yours and mine combine and become a love..<3

love u chor jaur..

-chiew bee-