Saturday, April 30, 2011





Why do u want to torture me in this way?!!!!




Sunday, April 24, 2011

Michael Learns to Rock ♥

MICHAEL LEARNS TO ROCK's concert was awesome!!!

OMG!I love them so much especially the lead singer!
When he sings those songs, gosh....
My heart melts man!
How I wish the concert would end later because they are too awesome already! :(

I've been hearing their songs since I was very young.
Perhaps around 6 or 7 years old.
Cause my parents bought their karaoke VCDs and I used to sing it alone or with my sister.
Since then, I knew of their existence!HAHA!

Jascha, the lead singer is kinda funny.
He made some funny lame jokes.LOL!
He said Michael never really learns how to rock, that is why he will be singing a slower song.LOL!

When I first tell my mum that I want to go for their concert, she was like...
"U are paying money to hear old man singing" in a joking way.LOL!
But they are not old, they are cool and AWESOME!!!!!!

Me and fatty screamed like mad people!And I sing until no voice.LOL!

How I wish I could hug him when he came down from the stage!At least to take a picture with him or them! :/

I miss them!!
If they are coming next year, I will absolutely go to their concert again and that time, I would buy a VVIP seat!!!LOL!!


Monday, April 4, 2011

April = hatred

Today is already the week 6 of my studies!
Time passes really is scary don't u think so?!
With a blink of an eye, it is already APRIL!!
And with a blink of both eyes, I think June is coming already. =_______=

I hate APRIL!
Cause my mid-sem test is coming soon!
And the one I worried the most is my Finance Derivatives Securities paper.
The mid-sem test itself is already 50%!
Once the mid-sem cacat, means I am ki chia already.argghhhh!!
This is scary and until now, I am very very blur about this subject starting from Topic ONE.
Am I terrible or not?!!How could this happen to me? T.T

doing my law table is messy!!

OK!I need to stop rambling and stop complaining!!
But I need to complain or else it stucks in my heart.feel very sanfu! =/
I am not someone who is good in handling stress!FAILURE

See....I kek sim until I vomit blood last night.. =/
And I headache until my head feels like exploding!!!!

kek sim until vomit blood! =/

When my mum saw this on my bed, she was totally freaking out this morning!!
She really thought that was blood stains on the tissue!!LOL!
HAHAHAHHAHA.that was my printer ink la.
I used the tissue to wipe it when it flows out.hahahha.
But the paracetamol is real one la cause I am headache ma.
And then her worries changed to scolding cause I took panadol again. =/

Anyway last week I get to eat the Manhattan Fish n Chip under the April Fool's day promotion.
For real, it is only RM6.99!LOL..lots of people queuing up.

RM6.99 for this..ok lo!

i always love my side face cause my nose appeared to look sharper in this angle. =P

we met Carol! =)

thaw imitating sam's way of SS.LOL

don't u think his face very kiam pak??!!!LOL!


sam looks cute here!! :) thaw's wide-opened mouth!!LOL!

Ok!Gotta continue with my kek sim studies now. =/ W
ish me all the best kawan!
I need to improve on my grades!

Byeeeee! ;)

Yours truly ♥