Sunday, May 31, 2009

final decision

I know I am stupid for making a decision like this.
I know I am stupid for taking a risk like this.
I am facing a big risk.
Hopefully I won't regret with my decision.
Will I be awarded for my effort in stpm?
I wonder.......

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Yesterday I reached taiping at 5.40p.m..
I was freaking tired and dizzy because of the stupid bus and yet I felt happy because I've reached taiping.
I'm feeling sad at the same time because I'm back from redang island.
I miss redang and the people who make this trip a wonderful one. =)
I will post about it later, k?

Because I am now facing a dilemma.
I received a message through my handphone after I get in my car when my brother fetched me from bus stop.
A notification from USM saying "Tahniah, anda ditawarkan Ijazah Sarjana Muda Komunikasi di USM."
Goshh..I don't know whether I am happy or sad.I'm not even smiling when I was reading that message.
Before this I never knew that they will give the priority for USM to choose the students first. :(
By 31st of May,5p.m. I have to reply them whether I want to accept or reject that course.hello.......I thought newspaper stated they will give us 1 week time??

Should I or should I not... :(
WHen I woke up just now, the first thing in my mind is about this.damn!
If I reject them, will the upu side give me a course that I want or they will simply give me a chapalang sampah course?
Should I take the risk to reject them?
This is so sickening man.hate to make decision.
I want usm because it is near to taiping and since they have the apex status, it is giving them a plus point but is mass communication something I really want?omg.I know by now, I should have know what course do I really want.
Yes.I very like that course since last time but after entering form 6, I prefer business and economics.oh man..this is tough..ARGHHHH!!
NO matter what u guys said, in the end I still have to make up my mind.
Kawan sekalian...thank u and I need your support!

CGPA 3.58.....can I get a course that I want in upu?
..................................................this time really TUT.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Oh my...
I'm damn excited now!!
I'm going redang in an hour time.
Can't believe I'm really going redang.LOL.
I hope everything goes smoothly and its gonna be super fun!!
I'll be back on friday. ^^
Gonna take lots and lots of pictures!YES YES YES!

Have a nice day people!! =) :) ;) :p


I love seeing his reaction!HAHA.
So is he gay or what?

Thanks to mr.duncan for this! :p

Monday, May 18, 2009


How good if everything can be simple in life?
I know even if it is simple, most of us will make it into a complicated one.
Why do we live in such a way?
Is perfection really that important?
I need some simple explainations.simple life.simple ways of solving problems and most of all a simple mind..
My think-too-much syndrome comes again~~

Good night people!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

ikan oh ikan~~~

I was playing Fish Wrangler in facebook.
It reminds me of my dad.haha.
Last two days, my dad went to Lumut(i think) for fishing.with my brother in law as well.
It is his hobby.his all time favourite.he can be out at the sea for a few days rather than go travel for a few days.
He rather spend RM270 on 3 days 2 nights fishing trip.haha.
He has those good fishing tools.he even own one automatic fishing rod which is so costly!!(give me that money to shop better!LOL)
Too bad this time he only get to catch some small small ikan.
My mum purposely teased him by saying with that RM270, she can buy a few ikan besar already.LOL.

quite big right?LOL

fishy fishy..i'm going to eat u!!sorryy!muahahha

Saturday, May 16, 2009

mum feels emo too?

My mummy is feeling a little emo now.
She missed my grandma and suddenly I'm thinking of her now.
She has passed away last 2 years.24th of February 2007.
No one was with her when she was sent to heaven.
Until now, my mum still feel sad that she wasn't by her side when she breathe out her last breath and it was bothering her a lot..

My mum questioned me.
Why do we have to die?
Omg.I never thought she would think this kind of thing.
She couldn't find an answer for it.
She feels funny and weird why do people come and go.
Why do we have to lost someone we love when they pass away..they would be disappeared from our life completely..totally gone.
Why do we have to get married and have children as we have to leave them one day.
Just like my grandma..she has children but why no one was with her when she passed away..(this was what my mum thinking!i am totally her gene!!think too much gene!LOL )

I remained silent.
I don't know what to say at all.
It is complicated.
It depends on how u think, right?

love her!

There she is.fall asleep on my bed now.
She is growing older and older.I love her more and more.
I know she doensn't want to have an ending like what my grandma had gone through.(choi choi choi!)
I won't let her walk alone...not only her but my dad as them both..
I wouldn't be here without them though sometimes I wished that I wasn't brought to this world.
OMG.I think too much again!
Anyway spend more time with your parents while u have the chance! =)

Tanpa mereka, tiadalah kamu...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

little girl~~

Is it good to be mummy's little girl forever?
It sounds good...but in fact not too good.
I want my mum to love pamper care me but not in a way which makes me feel that she is overprotective.
Yes.she is.
I think in her mind, I'm seventeen forever.
I know u might think that I'm bad for whatever decision she has done is for my own good and it shows that she really did care for me.
But I need some freedom too.
I want her to know that I am no longer a small little girl and I've learnt how to be independent.
I thought I could get the freedom that I'm longing for after I worked at Genting but no.
I still go out with her for a breakfast, for a lunch in MCD, shop with her, watch tv with her,bla bla bla..I still love her no matter what..
But I just need a little bit of freedom from her.
She worried too much over a small thing and continue with her naggings each time before I go out to somewhere.
I feel bad for saying this.I'm sorry...sigh...
Should I blame it on the society these days for creating so many unnecessary cases?
It is making my mum worry.thinking that it is not safe for me to go anywhere.sigh!

Penjahat perogol perompak peragut sekalian......saya benci kamu!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

new word for FROG!

So cute!!!


Ps:thanks makes me laugh!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

mixed up emotions

Browsing through all the pictures...
I found 1 funny picture when I went to Melaka with my family two years ago.
It just makes me laugh-out-loud.LOL.


Don't u think it is funny?My sis, my mum and my first niece with their "AHHHH" expression looking so excited whereas my second niece look so selamba with her act cool pose thinking they are so lame.LOL.

Picture paints a thousand words..when u look back at all the pictures and u'll reeled back to the past...happiness, sadness, guiltyness,...all kinds of emotions brushed inside u..

Things may not remain the same as what u see from the pictures that u've taken but all the memories will stay with u and certain things will still be the same in your heart such as a friendship which... take pictures more often. =)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Non-existence of Ugly Woman

Something interesting and funny that I found out from shuying about her thoughts on one topic.
This topic just came in to our conversations when we are talking about GIRLS.
Shuying once heard a phrase saying, "There are no ugly woman in this world..."

Then as usual....she started to talk and talk and talk like nobody's business..
She says there are no ugly girl or woman in this world but there are 3 categories of woman.

The first one is Lazy Girl/Woman.
This type of girls are just too lazy to dress up themselves to look pretty or attractive.
They don't mind to look messy.
They don't spend their time matching up their clothes and choose the clothes from their wardrobe for hours before they go out.
They don't have much facial or skin products.
They just don't care much to take care of their own physical look.

The second type of girl is No Money Girl.LOL.
They wanted to be pretty and stylish.
They desperately wanna go for facial treatments, buy branded clothes, update their closet every month, buy some skin products, etc.
They don't have the money to do so..sound so miserable and pathetic huh?
They are not affordable to own or purchase something that they want to make them look pretty from outside.

Lastly....not forgetting the third type of woman...
This is a bit mean la but no offence.
The third one would be Bad Feature Woman.
They are not lazy.They have the money....
But they have bad features on their physical look.maybe they have a big nose, small eyes, crooked teeth, round face, big face or whatever it is...(no offence!just some examples)
They can't do much about it to change it.

When shuying said all these, I was laughing like hell because the way she describes them are so funny..imagine...with her exaggerate expressions and with her loud voice....

But whatever it is, this is just some silly topic.hehe.
Inner beauty is what matter the most right?
Even if u don't think yourself is pretty or attractive, don't be upset or lose all the confidence in u.
If u lose it, u will fail to bring up yourself or to impress people around u.
Believe in yourself.believe in your own ability. =)
We are all pretty and beautiful in our own way!

U fall in which category??

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pitiful little girl~~

She wants to go home but nobody's home~~~~......sounds familiar??
Nobody's Home by Avril Lavigne.

Seems like today is my turn to sing.........
I want to go home but mummy's not home...

....budak kesian..tunggu ibu....

Consequences of forgetting to bring key out~~!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

smile all over my face :) :) :)

I went to watch X-Men again....this is the second time i'm watching it.with ah khey, judy, fatima, sue fern and niwa. =)
I love Logan the Wolverine.(not LAGON!oh my!!!LOL) very man!haha.and I love Zero as well.not Zerro!hopefully u won't see this.haha. :p
Zero aka Daniel Henney is so good looking(the real life Zerro is good looking too.LOL) and so cool when he started to take his guns out and shoot shoot shoot.LOL.fatima is so attracted to him but ending up don't like him because he plays a bad guy character.haha.
Gambit aka Taylor Kitsch is quite attractive as well.I like the part when he asked Lagon, "Do u miss me?".fatima said YES.LOL.
Well..overall I like this movie!!u guys have to watch it!!two thumbs up! =)

Hugh Jackman!!
Then off we went to Sushi King after the movie with shuying and chun kit as well.
I was damn hungry.I didn't take my breakfast or lunch at all before I went out because I woke up late.gotta rush here and there! :(
Today I don't think I ordered a lot but I'm full.actually not to say very full but have to bluff myself saying that I am full because I'm fat already. :(

garlic rice ;)

Shuying ordered two plates only.oh my god!!so not like her.haha.she really has the determination to diet!unlike me...and ah khey!!! september u have to slim down, k? :p


bad photographer!!

much laughter here.LOL

me..sying..ckit :p

i like this bag!!

i like the colour of the sky..

Oh is my 1st brother's chinese birthday!!my brother don't even know about parents always wanted to celebrate our birthday based on the chinese calendar.

fattening but nice!!

me & ruiying =)

I don't even know when is mine~~!
Anyway we celebrating it at home this year.
I bought 1 black forest cake for him.RM34 for o.5kg.
It is nice!then my mum and I bought satay, KFC, lok loks, lobak, fried rice and fried bihun.
Eat so not to be fat???grrrrrr...!

Happy 31st Birthday bro!! :)

it looks as if its their birthday.LOL

I'm looking forward to this Saturday and Mother's Day!!! :p

Hopefully everything goes smoothly.^^

Enjoy your day people!! =)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Love AJ

I'm in love with this video!!
So sweet of them!
I love him.AJ Rafael!!
One of his songs, I Just Want You....damn nice and it makes my heart melt!
Love u AJ!!

Enjoy this people. =)

food desperado

I'm desperate for Pokok Assam's laksa.
I am a number 1 fan of laksa!I won't be bored even if I have to eat laksa everyday.haha.
Today I wanted to eat laksa actually though I am still having my period but all these while, I don't care about this.I still drink cold drinks, eat sour and spicy food when my period come.

I don't feel like eating my mum's cooking today.sorry mummy.
So, my mum fetched me to buy laksa from casual market(correct me if I'm wrong) because Pokok Assam is a little too far.she has been so nice today.hehe.usually she won't fetch me because she is lazy and luckily she didn't scold me because I don't want to eat the food she has cooked. ^^
............but too bad..both the laksa stalls are closed.bodoh!
So disappointed. :(
What to do...thus i bought some kuihs and ais kacang from my favourite stall. =)
Damn long never eat all this kind of kuihs is super nice!

mum's cooking :)

ais kacang.i'm loving it!

i love this the most.hehe

form 5 picture.after volleyball practice.miss those moments

No matter what, I must eat laksa by this week and I'm craving for Simpang's char koay teow.

Huey Wen....since that day we missed the chance to eat, after 21st we must go eat, k??!!!!I wanna eat Kamunting's wat tan hor oso!!

Oh my.........I will be fatter fact I'm already fatter! =.=

Monday, May 4, 2009

lovely but not so lovely Monday

As usual, i have period pain again....together with a is killing me!!
I spend most of my time sleeping today.feel very tired and that's the only way to ease my pain.
No pill works on me when I have period pain.unfair.only girls need to go through this kind of pain! =(
Anyway I just watched The Day The Earth Stood Still.didn't get to watch it in the cinema last time.not really nice as what I expected.
But I love Keanu Reeves.he is so cool and attractive!!

Oh yeah..I went to Giant this morning to buy body shampoo and I met Din happy to meet him again.he was working at Fajar Kamunting last time and there is where I knew him.He is a cashier now and guess what..he gave me employee rate.that's why I feel weird how come it is cheaper than it should sweet of him!!

....and again after I went to Sow Ann's house to hand her the report, I went to Lake Garden.just feel like going.for the fun of it.driving around Lake Garden..started to take pictures while I'm driving.again.hehe.Well..the cloudy sky is too nice and too blue..looks nice with all the trees.. =)

the stupid so-called round-a-bout in front of Zoo

nice, right? ;)


My day is complete with a phone call from......

laugh and laugh and laugh...just make me laugh non-stop.laughter is seriously the best medicine.=)

Kiss me through the phone~~~muaxxx!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Labour Day =)

Today is a Labour Day.a day to be celebrated all over the world (right??) to appreciate the hardwork and contributions of all the workers in this world.
Thus, it is a public there are sales in shopping malls..!
So that explain why I went to Ipoh with my sis and mum today.of cos together with my two naughty but lovely niece.
The main purpose is to get them a swimming suit actually.haha.
Anyway today I didn't buy anything except for a Vincci bracelet which cost me RM25.
I've tried some clothes in MNG and Padini Concept Store but it turned out to be not nice. =(
Too many people squeezed up in a shop makes me don't feel like buying anything also.that is the disadvantage of shopping during a public holiday.

That is why today I spend most of my time playing and walking around with my 2 was fun and funny!
I bought 2 scoops of Baskin Robbins; citrus twist ice and pink&purple and shared with the both of them which cost me RM18.90.really enjoying eating with them.haha.

mummy =)

the princess one the cute one

My sis get to bought a belt and two working clothes from seed and again she bought another pair of high heels.She has a whole collection of shoes and heels.On the other hand, my mum didn't get to buy anything as well.we should have go to penang but my sis just went there last

Oh yeah....I'm falling in love with a pair of Nike shoe.I damn like it.grey and purple in colour!But it is expensive.RM399.If it is RM299 or RM300 plus a bit I'll buy it!!I can't keep my eyes off that shoe! =(

Anyway before we go back home, we bought Big Apple's donuts. I have some coupons with me.i got it the last time I went to Ipoh with Suhian they all.
Purchase any 6 donuts then they will give another 3 free donuts.woohoooo~~!!
....and it cost me RM11.50 for 9 is cheap!!!muahahahaha..
Today I spent most on food which is weird!

I am tired.sleepy.after this I am going to is only 11.30p.m..i never sleep this early since don't know when.anyway i love the trip to Ipoh today though I didn't manage to buy anything.thanks to my two adorable niece!They are making me laughing the whole day when I walk with them.seems like this is the first time ever I bring them walking around myself and I asked them to say "handsome boy" to a clown.hahaha.
Love them!!

they look so love

Good night everyone! =)