Sunday, September 20, 2009


Before this I never do assignment before.
Now I know how does it feels like when u have tonnes of assignments to do.
Its just right after my test, I have all these assignments.
When I woke up, the first thing I think about is assignments.
When I eat, bathe, yumcha, facebooking,..I mean no matter what I do, all I think about is assignment.
Guilty like hell.
NO life man.
..this raya break is definitely not a holiday for me.
Its suffocating.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I gotta spend my weekend here in Penang due to my Accounting test on Saturday.
FIRST time ever I spend my weekend here ever since 27th July.LOL.
At first plan to join my coursemates to play badminton but LAZY!
Wanna sleep and take a good rest. ^^

Guess what I've taken for my dinner?
My all time favourite!!!!
McDOnalds!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm Loving It!!!! :p

At first when I call to take order, the girl told me the Sg.Dua area is raining, call back later.
Then the second time I called, she said not sure whether can send or not due to insufficient of delivery boy!CACAT right??Got such thing??
Asked me to wait for 1 and a half hour to wait for confirmation, she will take my order first. =___________=
OKIEEEEEEEEEE lo..I wait looooo..because I really feel like eating McD.

Too hungry, thus I ate two packets of Sultana biscuits and a Justea Greentea!! =))

peach justea is NICE!

Then a message came "order coming"..YAY!!!!I thought it is COMING, so I wait in my room.then another 2 messages came written "order coming".Then I went out to see, he is there already.CACAT.type la "order has reached"...COMING...=_______=

I've fulfilled my wants!
I ordered Spicy Chicken McDeluxe medium set and apple pie! (NO more banana pie.SAD case)

my saviour of the day!!! ^^

But suprisingly I don't feel full.normal.something is really wrong with my wrong man!!Tomorrow is day is Saturday and then Sunday...LOL.What am I going to do here??SHIT!I should be studying now....grrr...distraction!

and wth..FONG THEW PEE.......destroyed my cute name!SHIT~

Enjoy your weekend people!! =)))

happy but not happy~~

i'm feeling a little bit weird now.
i should be happy but not happy.
confused but not fully confused.
i want a holiday.
nevermind.just give me a 1 free of everything.
just 1 day will do for this moment!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

hahahehehihihohohuhu =____________=

Skipped 8am class today. :(
..and she teaches new chapter.. =_____________=
now studying BIS.i hate it but have to love it!
last night no electricity until this morning!can't sleep well at all!CACAT!

my ai mei partner, i miss u too!
10 more days, i can see u already!
Yesterday I did saw the orangie moon.
NO matter where we are, we can still see the same moon. =))

PS : I've applied celcom broadbaND! =)

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Went to see doctor again!!ARGHHHHH!
Vomit and diarrhoea!
Virus and eat something wrong....
Went to see doctor three days continuosly.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday.......&^%$##$%^&**&^%$#$%^&*
I'm seriously tired.

CORN on my toe~

Recently bad luck seems to haunting me!
Hueywen, now i understand how do u feel! :(
My right eye always give me problem.cacated eye...
Luckily this time just need to apply medicine on it or else..grrrr..!commit suicide!

Then my toe has this urm....usually people known it as "kai ngan" in cantonese, so when it tranlates to english, it becomes "chicken eye". LOL.what a name huh?
So there is a CHICKEN EYE on my toe.

chicken eye! XD

At first it is small and I thought it would be fine but it started to feel pain.
So I bought one type of plaster specialised for this chicken eye but it seems to be more cacat.

geli right?after plaster....

After I took off the plaster yesterday, my mum helped me to peel the skin and even take a small scissors to cut it.I was like wth.....scissors u know??This time really OMG.
Then she started to peel it off and there were one part where she use the scissors to try to cut it away, it pains like hell and my tears..blaaaaaaaaaaaaaa out niece even hold my if I am preparing to give out birth huh?ahaha.

my niece took this before I cried.LOL

At last decided to see doctor.damn scared.later have to cut that thing away or operate.but luckily only have to apply medicine!yay!!!
And yeah..then only I know chicken eye is actually known as CORNS or WARTS!
CORNS...someone said that it sounds delicious~~~ omg.wana puke!LOL.

BAD LUCK BAD LUCK....................SHOOOOOOO~~~~i hate U!!!

PS: Corn is a small hardened area of skin which is usually round or cone-shaped. It is most often form on the feet and sometimes on the hands and are caused by constant or repeated friction or pressure.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


i am failing my BIS.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

a joy to chiewbee ^^

at last i get to online at my hostel!
what a good and happy news for me!! =) :) ;) XD :p
its like finally~~
i was so happy when my roommie told me that we can online already!haha.
so excited!

my trademark..wEeeee~ can online! :P

But anyway...
feel so sleepy right now.
i can't concentrate in class just now.
i waa so blur and dizzy and sleepy.keep rubbing my eyes!aaaawwwwwww! :(
i wana tidoooo!
full-time piggy!yay!!! :):)

gimme a chance to ss before slp! :p