Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Judgement Day

I've been spending 2 weeks plus at Taiping already.
Remain jobless and lazying around watching dramas, go out with friends, sleeping, reading some magazines and novels, hiking in the morning (only a FEW times)..
After enjoy much, I have to face the reality again...
Gotta know the results on Wednesday.
Even when I'm typing this, I feel uncomfortable and my heart is pounding fast.
Econs econs...econs makes me feel stressed.
I know somehow I did badly in it..
The word FAIL came across my mind ever since I walked out from the exam hall.
......I don't dare to face the truth.........................
Please slap me!! :(

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So here it comes my exams...
I've took the Malaysian Studies exam last Saturday.It is so cacacacacacacat!

Now I'm waiting for the FOUR major papers!!

:: MANAGEMENT 100 :: 11th of Nov
:: ECONOMY100 :: 13th of Nov
:: ACCOUNTING 100 :: 17th of Nov

I'm scared but I'm excited at the same time as I can't wait for my holidays!!!!!

Selamat Maju Jaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009



Why do i want YOU so much???
Why do i love and like YOU so much???
Why YOU put such a hunger in my heart???
Why i need and miss YOU so badly especially when I'm in stress???
YOU're all i think about now....
i keep on searching and finding for YOU....
i really can't survive without YOU...
i love u BUT i hate you...
you're good but you're bad...

Can anyoneee tell me why??
Can anyoneee answer me plsss???

WHy i miss food so much????

YOU are making me FAT!!!!!!
how am i going to diet when I addicted to you so much????

FOOD FOOD FOOD..............................
What the food!!!!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

breaking freeEee~~

I'm feeling happy now! =))
Thanks for breaking my confusion, dilemma and the emotional feelings in me!
I never feel that tense anymore and become my normal-self again.
I'm happy!
Immediately on my light and my lappie to post this!
Hueywen, lyo and JJ..I'm doing fine now.no worries!
Sorry that I've make u guys worried and feels that something is wrong is me.
Now I'm really ok and yesss..happy!!!
Become friends are the best out of the best now.
We can communicate better and can joke with each other without thinking what we said might hurt each other and we are really really being ourself before all this happened.
Thanks and sorry for everything!!!!
I do have a clear mind now! =))

I shall remain to become a freeeebEeeee~~~
My perception and concept shall remain til an appropriate time ...YESHH!

Kawan sekalian.......
I really miss u all!
Can't wait for holidays!!!
.....and now I have the OHM to study!!!

Yeahh I'm breaking freeeee~~~

Friday, October 9, 2009

a sigh of relief~ phewwww~~

I've done my management assignment!Another burden has been washed off my shoulder! ;)
After days of sleepless nights continuously....
I was so happy when I combined my idea and sinyong's ideas last night for the assignment and the both of us laugh non-stop in MSN after we've done our part..its like so happy!!!
Weeee~~ thanks to Sasha and SInyong for the group assignment. =))
NOw I left economy and BIS assignment..2 more to go and then FINAL and then SEM BREAK which means HOLIBEEEE aka HOLIDAEEE!!!
No more delaying or last minute study this time.hopefully. =)

after packing my bag ^^
Anyway I'm on the way going back to Taiping now.
Hehehehe...I'm onlining in the bus right now.cool lehhh.. :p
I'm very very happy!Smiling all the way though I'm extremely tired. =) =) =)

Seeee...i'm really in the bus using webcam!! :p

Enjoy your day people! ;)

Ps : Sorry for all the ignorance guys..sorry for the non and slow reply messages in phone in msn in facebook..I was really busy busy and busy like a beeeee.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Today, Convent's song is running through my head the whole day.
I'm missing my school.the best school ever in Taiping!! =)
Now, after I enter college, I felt that the memories left behind during primary and secondary school were priceless.it was amazing.
The Convent cultures were to be passed down to the juniors..generations after generations...
But I think, the Convent now no longer the Convent that I used to know..all the cultures, the students....has totally changed..what a waste~

Convent =))

Here is my lovely school song :

Simple in virtue, strong in duty
Their motto goes this way
Play well, work well
To task never ever delay

Convent is my pride
Her teachings I abide
Her guiding light will shine forever
Through my mind


Convent is my pride
Her teachings I abide
Her guiding light will shine forever
Through my mind......

Awww.........its so nice!!

I miss CONVENT!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Before this I never do assignment before.
Now I know how does it feels like when u have tonnes of assignments to do.
Its just right after my test, I have all these assignments.
When I woke up, the first thing I think about is assignments.
When I eat, bathe, yumcha, facebooking,..I mean no matter what I do, all I think about is assignment.
Guilty like hell.
NO life man.
..this raya break is definitely not a holiday for me.
Its suffocating.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I gotta spend my weekend here in Penang due to my Accounting test on Saturday.
FIRST time ever I spend my weekend here ever since 27th July.LOL.
At first plan to join my coursemates to play badminton but LAZY!
Wanna sleep and take a good rest. ^^

Guess what I've taken for my dinner?
My all time favourite!!!!
McDOnalds!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm Loving It!!!! :p

At first when I call to take order, the girl told me the Sg.Dua area is raining, call back later.
Then the second time I called, she said not sure whether can send or not due to insufficient of delivery boy!CACAT right??Got such thing??
Asked me to wait for 1 and a half hour to wait for confirmation, she will take my order first. =___________=
OKIEEEEEEEEEE lo..I wait looooo..because I really feel like eating McD.

Too hungry, thus I ate two packets of Sultana biscuits and a Justea Greentea!! =))

peach justea is NICE!

Then a message came "order coming"..YAY!!!!I thought it is COMING, so I wait in my room.then another 2 messages came written "order coming".Then I went out to see, he is there already.CACAT.type la "order has reached"...COMING...=_______=

I've fulfilled my wants!
I ordered Spicy Chicken McDeluxe medium set and apple pie! (NO more banana pie.SAD case)

my saviour of the day!!! ^^

But suprisingly I don't feel full.normal.something is really wrong with my stomach.so wrong man!!Tomorrow is Friday..next day is Saturday and then Sunday...LOL.What am I going to do here??SHIT!I should be studying now....grrr...distraction!

and wth..FONG THEW PEE.......destroyed my cute name!SHIT~

Enjoy your weekend people!! =)))

happy but not happy~~

i'm feeling a little bit weird now.
i should be happy but not happy.
confused but not fully confused.
i want a holiday.
nevermind.just give me a 1 free day.free of everything.
just 1 day will do for this moment!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

hahahehehihihohohuhu =____________=

Skipped 8am class today. :(
..and she teaches new chapter.. =_____________=
now studying BIS.i hate it but have to love it!
last night no electricity until this morning!can't sleep well at all!CACAT!

my ai mei partner, i miss u too!
10 more days, i can see u already!
Yesterday I did saw the orangie moon.
NO matter where we are, we can still see the same moon. =))

PS : I've applied celcom broadbaND! =)

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Went to see doctor again!!ARGHHHHH!
Vomit and diarrhoea!
Virus and eat something wrong....
Went to see doctor three days continuosly.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday.......&^%$##$%^&**&^%$#$%^&*
I'm seriously tired.

CORN on my toe~

Recently bad luck seems to haunting me!
Hueywen, now i understand how do u feel! :(
My right eye always give me problem.cacated eye...
Luckily this time just need to apply medicine on it or else..grrrr..!commit suicide!

Then my toe has this urm....usually people known it as "kai ngan" in cantonese, so when it tranlates to english, it becomes "chicken eye". LOL.what a name huh?
So there is a CHICKEN EYE on my toe.

chicken eye! XD

At first it is small and I thought it would be fine but it started to feel pain.
So I bought one type of plaster specialised for this chicken eye but it seems to be more cacat.

geli right?after plaster....

After I took off the plaster yesterday, my mum helped me to peel the skin and even take a small scissors to cut it.I was like wth.....scissors u know??This time really OMG.
Then she started to peel it off and there were one part where she use the scissors to try to cut it away, it pains like hell and my tears..blaaaaaaaaaaaaaa out already.my niece even hold my hand.LOL.as if I am preparing to give out birth huh?ahaha.

my niece took this before I cried.LOL

At last decided to see doctor.damn scared.later have to cut that thing away or operate.but luckily only have to apply medicine!yay!!!
And yeah..then only I know chicken eye is actually known as CORNS or WARTS!
CORNS...someone said that it sounds delicious~~~ omg.wana puke!LOL.

BAD LUCK BAD LUCK....................SHOOOOOOO~~~~i hate U!!!

PS: Corn is a small hardened area of skin which is usually round or cone-shaped. It is most often form on the feet and sometimes on the hands and are caused by constant or repeated friction or pressure.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


i am failing my BIS.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

a joy to chiewbee ^^

at last i get to online at my hostel!
what a good and happy news for me!! =) :) ;) XD :p
its like finally~~
i was so happy when my roommie told me that we can online already!haha.
so excited!

my trademark..wEeeee~ can online! :P

But anyway...
feel so sleepy right now.
i can't concentrate in class just now.
i waa so blur and dizzy and sleepy.keep rubbing my eyes!aaaawwwwwww! :(
i wana tidoooo!
full-time piggy!yay!!! :):)

gimme a chance to ss before slp! :p

Monday, August 31, 2009

.....another week has gone ^^

1 week of free tuition week just passed like that..meaninglessly..LOL.
I'm going to pg soon in a few hours time.very reluctantly wanna leave my home. =(
At last I've done my BIS assignment.yay!! *clap hand*
But there are more assignments awaiting me.
Seems like I have to welcome assignments to my life.jemput masuk ya! =)

....and oh yeah...
I have midsem test.
The first one would be economy which is on 3rd of Sept, BIS on 9th followed by Accounting on 12th and MALAYSIAN STUDIES on 14th...
How lovely right?
So gonna love it!How much I love it!
TEST OH TEST~~~ Welcome to my life again!

Wish me luck people!Do pray for me! =)
Good night!! =)

*P.S. : so fake so fake..i know..i extremely LOVE test and exam!*
*P.S1. : oh yeahh...Happy National Day!!can't feel the merdeka spirit in me at all.i'm sure some of u even forgot how to sing the merdeka song.u know who u are.LOL.*

Monday, August 24, 2009

my politic party ^^

Last Monday during the Malaysian Studies class, we were required to draw a logo of our own politic party and colour it and we have to describe what each colour and logo means.
This task is our class assignment!
So lame~~
When i get the questions, i started to laugh.HAHA.

................and this is what i draw....
LOL.my party name if FUYOH.digi inspiration~~~
haha..what a name right? :p
Y=yes malaysia boleh! :p
O=.....shit.i forgot!
H=.............shit.....can't remember what i wrote.haha.

i showed it to a few of my friends and they said the green little human looks like ninja turtle!wth....... =_=''''
i know i know.my art is sucks!
and this is a small kid masterpiece of art........

Friday, August 21, 2009

27th Jul-20th Aug ~


At last I'm back in here. ;)
Well..i've gone through weeks of frustations, miserable, happy, busy,....its all mixed up!
The first day when I was in college was damn miserable~
I don't know anyone there..deep in me, I started to blame my family for forcing and wanting me to study in penang but I'm guilty for thinking in this way.they just doing it for the sake of me... ^^
The first person I spoke to in college is Zi-QIan but we call her as Sasha.hehe.
SHe is a real sweetie! =))
my room~

And I've got a good and funny roommie!
Her name is Kar Yee.hehe.she is such a sweetie too!
I'm So SO glad!haha.

i need to use this road everyday to go college

This semester I'm taking Accounting, Economy, Management, Business Info System and MALAYSIAN STUDIES!
Among this subjects, I like management lecturer the most, Mr.Beh.
He has those ohm to teach and I don't feel sleepy in his class.
I like economy when I was in form 6 but now I don't like it.maybe I don't like his way of teaching though he is quite funny and try to make his class alive.
Accounting is quite nice and for BIS, I think the lecturer is good and damn funny but I'm sorry, this subject is too boring..I can't help but to fall asleep in his class.as for malaysian studies...aish....speechlesss =_=''''

....and hey.
1 hour of class equals to RM54.means for every 1 hour class that we attend, we are actually spending RM54.LOL.some of my coursemates counted this!HAHA.
Thinking of this amount makes me awake in class. XD
Anyway..my coursemates all are nice and friendly and FUNNY! =))

One thing I don't like and pissed off is I can't online in my hostel!
Damn frust!!!
The connection is so so CACAT!
I'm getting a broadband but which to buy?!
Celcom or Digi????

Oh yeahh...after a week of hell for doing 1 of my assignment, phewww...what a relief~!
U'll get that kind of satisfactions when u are done typing it.haha.
But there are 3 more assignments for me!GOSHHH! :(
Well..all in all.I think I'm quite used to it to my life in Penang.
There are more exciting life and challenges for me to explore and go through!
Hopefully everything goes well and wish me luck people!
ANyway its a 1 week of break for me.gonna use it wisely!
I appreciate my time in taiping.it's really a lovely hometown of mine~!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

a whole new life

As some of u might know, I am going to Inti International College Penang to study.
Though it is not my choice, now I'm getting over it. =)
In case I cannot get to online there, I think is better for me to blog about it first.
Well..my class will start on tomorrow which means on the 27th of July.
I'm taking bachelor of commerce majoring in accounting & finance. =)

Goshh...I'm leaving in a few more hours time. :(
Penang is very near to Taiping but I will miss my home a lot.
I will miss out my tv shows.huhu.maybe won't get to online in room.saddening.
I'm nervous actually.hopefully can get a few good friends there! :)
I'm a little excited. ^^
I wonder who is my room mate!!!HAHA.
...and I need to study again..awww...I didn't study for almost 8 months already!!!
I need to go back to my study life.kinda scared of it!
But anyway I need to face it.this is life man..
I'm going to learn new things, need to face new people...wowwww!HAHA.

As what I get to know from my timetable, my class is until thursday only.ends at 4pm!
YAY!!Which means I can go back to taiping.hehehehe.
But of course I'm not gonna go back on every weekend.
Must enjoy some weekends at there! ;)

Anyway wish me all the best people!!! =)

Good night!! ^^

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I'm feeling upside down.
My mood changed drastically.
Lets say I'm happy now, but the next few minutes I'll be moody again.
Wtf is happening?

Each night, when I go to sleep, I die.
And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.

I don't think I am reborn the moment I wake up in the morning.
In fact it feels like my body is reborn but my soul is dead.
S.O.U.L.L.E.s.S. even when I am laughing or smiling.just like now. =)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

bee the risk taker ^^

I actually should blog about this 1 week ago but don't have the mood to do so.
Seems like the risk that I was taking doesn't pay off.haha.

On the 19th of June at 12p.m., we actually can check our future university through sms or online.
I have to check it through sms as I was working at the MPH Bookfair.
When chunkit got to know that he get UMK which is universiti malaysia KELANTAN, I sensed something was wrong.I'm scared and nervous.I can't concentrate the whole morning.
Many questions run through my mind.
WHat if I didn't get any U?What if I didn't get what I want?How to tell my mum?etc etc...

I sent a few times to 15888..and........when I get the message..........UMK....are u kidding me?
HAHAHAHA.my hand was shaking hard and I started to cry.at MCD.wkit checked for me and I get Keusahawanan Kesihatan....??I've got no idea what hell course is that.

Disappointment, sadness, upset, anger, hurt, feeling lost,...all these fills up within me.
Struggling hard in form 6 and this is the outcome that I get.
Seriously damn fed up and pissed off.
Once u decided to study form 6, obviously u don't have the right to decide your future anymore because it all depends on luck and what course u get from the government.
Seems like not much students get the course that they want.some didnt even get any university though their results are ok.
Everything seems to be so funny and ridiculous. ^^

Did I make the wrong or the right choice for rejecting usm?
Is it worth for me to take the risk?
Honestly speaking..I didn't feel regret for rejecting usm.
But I do feel regret for applying usm.
I wonder what would I get if I didn't apply usm..hmm...

Anyway past is the past.
Though my mum and sis kept on blame me for rejecting usm(as what I expected), but they're all okie now.sis even sent me one very touching long message.thanks sis!
Thanks for respecting my decision and being so supportive! =)))

I took two risk within these few months.
Both the risk gave me great disappointment.
I don't think I am a good risk taker.haha.
But it'll make me a stronger person.
I know...this is not the end of everything.
It is just the beginning! =)

Ps: To all my dear friends, most of u are leaving already.everyone is going separate ways.don't know when we'll meet again.all the best!Sorry for whatever I've done and thanks for everything! I'll miss all of u!!!do take care kawan-kawan sekalian! *huggies* love love love <3 !!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

fats = enemy = fats

I'm being self-conscious and paranoid again.
I mengembang a lot.a hell lot.
My mum keeps reminding me that I'm a lot fatter than last time.
She seems to be the one who worried about this more than I do.

At one point, she even asked "Don't u scared or worried that u are growing fatter and fatter?Your face is so big now.NOT nice".
Then I answered her, "I thought u prefer my face to be chubbier?U said like that makes me prettier ma.Ok la ok la..I eat lesser la.Skip dinner.hehe."
Mum replied, "This time is too chubby.Fat already makes u look shorter.U don't need to skip dinner la.U can't make it.Go for jogging or hiking.Do some exercise...." =_=''''''

It is quite annoying when she nags about everything I eat everyday!
...and she compared my body with my sis's.... =_='''

Hopefully I can be thinner. =_=''''
Who wants fats?I'll donate for u!!!For fREEeeeEeeee~~!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

bad hair day~~!!!!

Went for a hair rebonding~!!
it turned out to be a disaster!!! :(
okieee...i like it actually but not my front hair...my natural fringe has gone!!!!
look so cacat now!see...told ya not to do my front hair!!!
i am always concern about my fringe! :(
i actually washed it for a few times but it is still so straight!
i complained to my mum and sis...
at one point, my mum dont even know what to say anymore and stared at my hair and laughed.
what does that mean huh?grrrrr! :(
my niece actually call me 'xiao yi' all these while but now call me "ah yi'!!! =_=''''''''
what does that supposed to mean? :(
so pondan-ishhhhh~~ now!!
i'm gonna fix it no matter what!!!!!

the return of ju on@.@


gotta wear a cap!!

or pin up my fringe!! :(


Friday, June 5, 2009

Redang trip

...is what I'm going to blog about today.. ;)
Well..as I've mentioned earlier, I went to Redang for 3 days 2 nights.from 27-29.05.09.
For your info, we booked our resort through online and we stayed in Redang Reef Resort.
Each of us has to pay RM300 for the accomodation.food is provided.it includes breakfast, lunch, teatime and dinner and not forgetting 3 sessions of snorkeling in 3 different places.
And RM160 for transportation.to and fro from Taiping to Merang Jetty. =)
The 8 of us; hueywen, chunkit, shuying, kuangyau, weichian, elynn, tung keat and ME heading straight from Taiping to Merang Jetty at 12.30a.m. whereas vj, fuhyuen and seklun started their journey from KL to Terengganu. =)
It was a long journey man.It took me quite long to fall asleep in the bus because I was too excited!!4 hours of sleeping throughout the 7 hours journey.

this is what we do when we can't sleep

this 2 fellas cold til cover themselves with their towel :p

We reached the jetty at around 7.30a.m..at last!!phewww~~That was where we meet up with vj they all. =)

ck jumped to joy~~! :p

Everything was kinda messed up before we took a boat to our resort.
Anyway things went smoothly after that. :)

doing some bollywood dance..tumpah seh air~~

Oh yea..the boat was so bumpy when it hits the wave.
It was kinda scary and it turned out to be fun!!!hehe.
Finally at around 10.30a.m.. we reached our Redang Reef Resort~~

the boat that we sit


Tell u what..I can't believe in my own eyes when I saw the beach.crystal clear blue water really existed in Malaysia.hehe.It was amazing and NICE!!

laguna resort~~

the bridge from redang reef resort to laguna resort

upstairs belong to us :p

our room

U can really see the rocks and the fishes without have the needs to wear your own spectacles to have a clearer view.and the blue cloudy sky is so matching with the colour of the sea! ^^
I feel like jumping into it! (I know.I'm scared! )

We then have our lunch at 12p.m. before our first snokerling session at 2.30p.m..
Actually, I am not satisfied with the food provided but nevermind.hehe.
Some of us practised on how to breathe with our mouth when we are wearing the mask with the breathing pipe.hehe.
I know it sounds stupid but hey it was quite tough okiee..haha.
At first I was kinda worried about the snorkeling session.I can't swim.I don't know how to float on the water either.HAHA.
I know we're not gonna drown because we are wearing the life jacket.it keeps us floating but as usual, I'm scared when my feet can't reach anything.
I kept on laughing and laughing when I was practising.HAHAHA.
Luckily hueywen was beside me all the time.LOL.tq tq! :p

Then off we went to Marine Park for our first snorkeling.
No pictures taken there. :(
It was fun!!heeeheee.. ^^
A lot of colourful fishes swimming around us.I saw Nemo too!!
This was my first time swimming(should be floating) around with fishes! =)))
It was amazing.truly amazing.
U can feel the calmness when u saw the fishes swimming around u.its like u're entering another world.how nice!!
The 1 hour session passed very fast indeed.
It was quite tiring though.hehe.

...and here begins our photo sessions~~ =)

me & hueywen ;)



taken by mr.ck

Well..at night after our dinner, we went for a stroll along the redang beach.

It is so happening there.
Laguna resort is so 5 star-ishh...!so nice!!how I wish I could stay there!! :(
ANyway we were actually looking for the More More Tea Inn but to our much frustatation, we couldn't find it.so disappointed!
But as we were walking back to our resort, we found it!!thanks to ckit.HAHAHA.
It is so near to our resort but we didn't even realised it.
Come all the way to redang, of course must take some pictures with the more more tea signboard and the love shape flowers!! :p =)))

poker face :)))

yay!!at last! ;)

so thats all for the 1st day in redang.hehe.
Wait for my second post on redang! :p :p