Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Today was the first day of my final!
...and after so many days of doing revision in this Accounting Financial subject, I think I've done quite badly..kinda disappointed when I walked out from the hell...
It seemed to be easy but when I scanned through the questions again, I actually wasn't quite sure what am I answering and counting. =___________________=

Ok ok...stop with my annoying complains..
What I actually wanted to say here is that hey.......
Today I was to be arranged to sit at the table number 13!!!
hahaha...recently I always bumped into this number.when I buy bus ticket, I always get the seat number 13.
Hopefully this appears to be my lucky number la!!!
I have 3 more papers to go and I would have to sit for these 3 papers three days continuosly.....
..and my battery needs to be recharged now!!!
Good night peeps!!!
Countdown to 24th of JUNE then I'll have 1 month of holidays!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

People come and go in our life... it our family, friends, enemies or lovers....
This has become a part of a practice in our least in mine, I have experienced a few losses.
Losses that bring guilt deep within hurts everytime I think about it.
I don't hope to lose anyone anymore.
Couldn't afford this..I'm not that rich after all...
To everyone around me, pls stay with me..don't leave me..

I know I couldn't turn back time...but the memories it holds last forever..
I miss you, you, you and you.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

one day outing in Penang :)

31st of May 2010,
I've had an outing with my coursemates..a way to pamper and to enjoy ourselves after we passed up our last assignment of this sem (except for ksen)!
We went to sing at Neway which is newly open in Queensbay Mall.damn nice!
It looks so luxurious and way better than RedBox!I love it!!!
After the 2 hours+ of singing session, we decided to go to Youth Park.
I've never been there before and that place is really nice and I would love to go there agaiN!!
There are swimming pool, playground, skating area, etc..definitely a great place for u to exercise and to chill yourself!
...and of course our lovely papa KaySen took pictures of us...hehehe..
it was real hard to do this water effect..LOL!

2 silly daughters with their papa :p


Then off we go to Crown Prince's seaside. ;)

Playing around there before we went for steamboat!!


wEeeee~ fun day!

Had a great day!Lots of laughter.thanks to yungping for all her silly actions.HAHHAHAHAAHA! After exams, gonna enjoy moreeeeeeeeee!!!!! :P

Love my bitcha life!!!!!!!!!