Monday, March 29, 2010

the end of my DEBATE

At last................................
the small challenge of my life this year: marketing DEBATE was over!!!!!!!!!!!
yippieeeeee! :p
though it was a small challenge but it seems so BIG to me huh??haha.
I was like making a big fuss over it..complain to my mum...basically I was complaining to everyone....LOL.. was scaryyyy k?
I'm afraid to speak in front of the public though those audiences are my coursemates all.. :p

in my room(Taiping) before going for debate.look pro kan? :p

Thanks to Sasha, Sin Yong, Yin Ming and Jia Ling, not forgetting Kay Sen for making this debate a good one. (I think it is good enough for our level la :p )

and I tell u what....both my hands were shaking terribly!
I think those who sat in front can actually see it!!

....and here is the end of my worries..... no no!
I still have a number of assignments to be completed!
I hope I would fully utilise my time during this 2 weeks of tuition free week!!
Happy holidays of doing assignments to my dearest coursemates :p

Good night peopleeee!
I gotta sleep now..darn tired!!!
Buhbyeeeeeeeeeeeee ;)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Event of the year in my family ;)

A good news to my family especially my parents!!
Finally, my 1st brother has engaged!! =))
A very big congrats to him and her fiancee!
My parents are so happy, they have been waiting for this day!! ;)
Their wedding would be at the end of this year I supposed.hehe.

exchanging engagement rings ;)

her parents & my parents

papa & mummy =))

my sis's happily like in those fairytale stories..*fingers crossed*

me & my naughty nieces

Who is the next one huh?

Chiew BeEEeeee??


NO WAY!!!!
My 2nd brother would be the next one.hopefully by next year! =)

Hopefully everything goes smoothly in both my brothers' relationship..
A marriage is meant to be last!
For those of your who are in a relationship now, wish u all the best!!! ;)
HuRrrayyyy!! =))