Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A not-so-cute Panda!

It is the 1st day of June today.
Many people seem to like it.
I don't know why..
As for me, I prefer to skip through this month and jump to July straighaway if God is willing to give me a chance to do so! :/
Because I have my final exams in 6 days time!

I don't think I am!
So here I am..decided to take a short break.
Seriously it is suffocating and tiring and sickening and the worse is, I don't have the mood to study!HELLO..I have less than 1 week time and I am still slacking around...argghhhhh!
And I can't sleep well!
That cause me to have dark circle and eye bag!
I know I already have it but now it is even worse! :/
Anyone wants to buy me some eye cream and eye mask? :/

Anyway I went to have a hair cut last Sunday.
Because my hair is really shitty already.
It is damn dry and the colour is like don't know what kind of shit colour. :/
Just cut it shorter and I plan to dye my hair....AGAIN...after my exam. :/
Look kinda old in this hair!
But nevermind, it will still grow and it is good to see my hair shorter now and my hair doesn't fall that much when I blow dry it!

And.......there is one thing similar between me and my niece..hahahahha.

Can u spot what is the similarity between me and her in both the pictures?HAHA!

That is......................................

The way we sit!Our legs are wide open!LOL!!!!!My friends always scold me for that!hahaha..but I already get used to it! :/


Good luck to all my dear coursemates and friends in the coming exam!Let's start our battle and prepare our shooting gun!!!