Sunday, April 24, 2011

Michael Learns to Rock ♥

MICHAEL LEARNS TO ROCK's concert was awesome!!!

OMG!I love them so much especially the lead singer!
When he sings those songs, gosh....
My heart melts man!
How I wish the concert would end later because they are too awesome already! :(

I've been hearing their songs since I was very young.
Perhaps around 6 or 7 years old.
Cause my parents bought their karaoke VCDs and I used to sing it alone or with my sister.
Since then, I knew of their existence!HAHA!

Jascha, the lead singer is kinda funny.
He made some funny lame jokes.LOL!
He said Michael never really learns how to rock, that is why he will be singing a slower song.LOL!

When I first tell my mum that I want to go for their concert, she was like...
"U are paying money to hear old man singing" in a joking way.LOL!
But they are not old, they are cool and AWESOME!!!!!!

Me and fatty screamed like mad people!And I sing until no voice.LOL!

How I wish I could hug him when he came down from the stage!At least to take a picture with him or them! :/

I miss them!!
If they are coming next year, I will absolutely go to their concert again and that time, I would buy a VVIP seat!!!LOL!!



pOh JuAn said...

kelantan no concert at all...sobs...

Chiew Bee said...

hahahaha..dont sob la. :P
after u finish your studies, u can go wherever u want!time will come! ;)

rfb said...

yeah....... you two are perfect match..........