Sunday, May 8, 2011


Who will u turn to when u are upset or sad?
Who can u trust in your life when u don't seem to trust anyone around u?
When u have no one to talk to, what would u do?

Even when u have someone to talk to, u don't exactly know how to start the conversation or how to put it in words or proper sentences to tell that someone how u feel.

Even when u have tell them about your problem, they won't exactly know or understand the situation because that is how u feel, not how they feel.

....and what happens even if they know what is happening?

Does it helps to reduce your burden and worries?
Does it helps to stop u from being emo again?

I think I have just turned into an emo queen again.


Good thing there is my niece to cheer me up at least.
Their innocence and sillyness just make me laugh.

They are growing up real fast..and it means that I am getting older..
It is a bliss to see them growing up..they are growing taller..their knowledge is wider and beyond your expectations..
I hope they will still be as close to me as now when they are already a teenager or adult next time.♥

Have a great week ahead people! ;)

1 comment:

jenwin said...

the more we grow up the more we emo